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Revenants Series (#2-3) by Amy Plum

Revenants Series (#2-3) by Amy Plum
Published between 2012-2013

I don’t really remember too much of the first book but it was very easy for me to get back into the plot with Vincent and Katie.  It’s a very good thing when it’s been years since you’ve read the first book yet you still fall in love with the characters all over again just in time for the series to be over.  It shows that every single book in this trilogy is good rather than having either a middle book lull or a crash ending. 

While I enjoyed both of the MCs quite a bit, there were definitely a few times when Katie annoyed me.  I didn’t like how she felt she always knew what was best or at least think she knew what was best for those around her which is why she would keep things from Vincent.  The same goes for Vincent, by the way.  Also, the whole thing with “I don’t want to be with you if you’re always going to sacrifice yourself for other people” which made Vincent promise her that he would try very hard not to die for the sake of others, pissed me off.  I mean, I understand you don’t want to see Vincent die but you’re basically denying everything he stands for.  His whole purpose in life as a Revenant is to die to protect the humans around him.  Yet you’re willing to go back with him because he promised you that he wouldn’t die.  If it was me, I would have ended it with “let’s split up because you as a Revenant will not work for me” and leave it at that.  For me, I thought that was very selfish.  I also didn’t fully understand her reasoning to leave her NYC friends behind – was it because of her parents?  I’m assuming so but I don’t recall her parents’ deaths had anything to do with her friends there yet she chose to leave her life-long friends behind with no contact whatsoever.  Again, that was selfish for me.

I really liked Vincent but his image was a bit tarnished due to my own previous experiences with French men.  I kept trying to picture him in my mind but all I was getting this mashed version of this old hookup of mine and Vincent from The Originals which was not a nice mash up for sure.  Plus from my own experience with le French guy, it wasn’t the greatest – he was basically very stereotypically French so a lot of the romances and niceties that Vincent did for Katie, I was quite skeptical.  I mean, is it really possible for a French guy to do something like this?  It’s most likely just me and my cynical thinking though.

The other characters – Charlotte, Ambrose, Jules, JB and others – were beautifully crafted.  I found their interaction with Katie and Vincent and with each other to be entertaining and you can clearly see the affection they all have for each other.  I especially liked the pairing up that occurred in the series especially with Charlotte and Ambrose.  So glad Ambrose finally saw the light because I was rooting for Charlotte the entire time. 

As for the plot, I was shocked to find out who the “enemy” really was because I wasn’t expecting it at all.  However, once it occurred, thinking back it did make sense.  I also was at all not surprised to find out who the Champion was – it was pretty obvious from the get-go.  So it was a little disappointing at how obvious Amy made it seem.

Overall, I enjoyed the series and the Revenants world.  I found the book and description to be well-written and the characters to be well-developed.  I would recommend it.  




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