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Fallen Series (#3.5-5) by Lauren Kate

Fallen Series (#3.5-5) by Lauren Kate
Published between 2012-2015

I remember really enjoying the first few books in this series but since it’s been years since I’ve picked up the first book, it was difficult for me to reenter the series again.  I basically had to re-fall in love with Dan and Luce and the whole premise once again.  Surprisingly, I ended up enjoying the spin-off (the last book in the series is actually a spin-off and not at all related to Luce or Dan) more than the conclusion of Dan and Luce’s cursed love.

I also enjoyed the novella, Fallen in Love, mainly because it allowed me to understand the other angels a little more even though when I first picked up the book, I had no recollection on any of the characters so the first couple in the novella, Miles and Shelby, were completely lost on me.  Actually, now that I think of it, I’m still not 100% sure who they are…LOL.  However, Roland and Arianne’s own stories made a lot of sense because they were still prominent characters in the fourth and final (“final”) book.  I particularly liked Arianne’s story because I did not know she geared that way.  It was a little shocking but I liked it because even angels do not have boundaries on love and I think that’s great.

I’m not going to talk too much about Dan or Luce mainly because I think most of the character building occurred in the beginning of the series and I was essentially only reading the conclusion in book 4, Rapture.  Therefore, I will discuss more about the plot and the conclusion.  First of all, I was shocked with the ending.  I thought the whole purpose of the series was a cursed love between an angel and a human.  However, Lauren completely skewed from that and revealed the ultimate reason as to why Dan and Luce have a cursed love to start with.  Second, I think that ultimate reason is bogus.  I found it ludicrous and ridiculous because, I mean, these are angels.  Why do they need to pick a side and failure to do so would end up in a lifetimes of lifetimes of a love that will ultimately lead to death?  Needless to say, I was not satisfied with that reasoning but it did give a good introduction into the “final” book of the series. 

The whole premise with Unforgiven was fascinating.  The idea of Lilith being sent to a purgatory of different aspects of hell that circle on the main thing – revenge – was interesting.  You don’t really understand what the story behind was until later on in the book and then you’re like “OH, so that’s what happened” and then you feel bad for the two of them.  To be honest though, this whole drama stemmed from Cam’s inability to trust in Lilith enough.  If he only had the guts to tell her or show her, then they would have lived a happily ever after and maybe Cam wouldn’t even have sided with Lucifer to start with.  But no, he had to be stubborn and scared.  I’m just glad it all worked out for them because I simply cannot imagine living different kinds of hell over and over again because of a deal gone bad.

Overall, I still think this series was good mainly because I do remember enjoying the first and the third book a lot with the second one being a bit of a lull.  And Cam’s story in Unforgiven was enlightening.  I also like you not only got a closer glance at Cam’s background but also more on Lucifer’s personality.  There were a lot of LOL moments between the two.




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