Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Emily's Guest Post Series #6

Who is your favorite literary character of all-time?


I am not a true Potterhead (I don't have every sequence of events memorized in the series nor can I remember most of the spells now after so many years of not reading the books) but the one character that has always resonated with me from the series is the magical veggie-earring wearing Ravenclaw. She was always eccentrically bold and characteristic, choosing to light up her own world of sense despite of smarter protests. She helped me come to an understanding, years later after I had left for college, that you always have a choice to be yourself when people don't understand you and request that you be something you're not. Luna was always good at pushing the judgmental nature of people to the forefront in every scene she was in, particularly during her scuffles with Hermione. She taught me that being smart doesn't always translate to always being right. More importantly, she taught me that you can be smart yet make no sense and that was completely okay (Luna was still a Ravenclaw and you can't be a Ravenclaw without wits). She remains a fictional role model of sorts because of her blissful defiance of the conventional and its failures to bring wonder to the world.

Emily Gong



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