Monday, August 8, 2016

Demon Kissed Series by H.M. Ward

Demon Kissed Series by H.M. Ward
Published between 2011-2012

I found the premise of this series to be interesting but I think the execution was lacking.  To be perfectly honest, it was just okay.  Nothing special but it wasn’t terrible.  I didn’t fall in love with the characters but I didn’t particularly dislike them either.  Everything about this series was just meh to me which was quite disappointing because this genre is exactly the kind of books I enjoy.  I just think that there are a lot better books/series out there with similar plots and better characters.

In regards to the plot, I felt that there were a lot of going back and forth.  It was a bit messy and a very confusing because the characters would do something then realize that hey, nevermind, why did we do this?  They were never on the same page so some of the characters would unintentionally hijack someone else’s work.  There were also a lot of creatures out there that made it seem even more complicated especially with the Omen.  Plus the author never fully explained what exactly that meant and why the Omen was there in the first place.  It was little things like that that confused me.  I just like having things explained or understood.

As for the characters specifically Ivy, I never really understood her.  I found her a little spoiled, a tad immature, quite dumb, and very stubborn.  Granted, I know she was trying to do the right thing the entire time but the way how she went about it, I found it absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, going around and making blood bargains with demons for the sake of defeating another demon?  That just spelled stupidity to me.  She didn’t even bother asking for help or advice from any of her much more clear-headed or knowledgeable friends.  Instead, she pretty much went for it without a second thought.  And even though she kept trying to save her friends, the choices that she would make always ended up jeopardizing them.  Especially with the whole Eric drama.  I couldn’t even begin to fathom why Ivy made the choice that she did to save him even though she knew what he thought of it.  Yet she did it anyways and called it “saving” him.  And then with the whole Collin thing.  She kept endangering herself when she knew the prophecy was at stake simply because she couldn’t risk him.  She didn’t even know if it would ultimately kill him or not.  She wasn’t willing to even try which put the whole world at stake.  For someone who was trying so damn hard to save the world and go against that prophecy, that one single decision that she kept making over and over again was unfathomable. 

As for the whole Collin/Ivy relationship, can I just please say, where the fuck did that come from?  I got the chemistry from him in book one but not once did Ivy return any of those feelings to him yet suddenly they were soulmates and he was the only one for her?  Pray tell, what happened?  In fact, she treated him as a friend only and their interactions from her side basically screamed friendzoned to me.  Yet, how did things change so dramatically?

Overall, the series was just okay.  There is a sixth book out there but I read somewhere that it’s no longer available and I don’t see the point in investing more time on this series.  Plus, the series technically ended on book 5 and the sixth book is merely a spinoff from Eric’s POV.  I’m not sure if I would recommend the series but if you have time and you want to read an angel vs demon series, then I guess you can give this one a try.




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