Friday, July 8, 2016

Undercover Empath: Kindred Demon by RaShelle Workman

Undercover Empath: Kindred Demon by RaShelle Workman
Published June 1, 2015

I’m not sure what’s going on with the publisher these days but they keep sending me one out of many for a serial series with no mention about how this is actually part one out of like 4 or 5 parts or something.  And Goodreads also doesn’t have any mention about how there are multiple parts so once again, I didn’t find out until the very end.  I did find out that this part that I read is part 1 but it does not feel like part one at all.  It doesn’t have the typical storybuilding or character building that is typical for the beginning of a book. 

For example, why is Rose so young at only 19 years old yet she works at the police station?  I also get the impression that she works there full time.  Does this mean she graduated already or what?  What’s the story behind her and her empathy powers?  What happened between her and her partner?  There seems to be some sort of history there but the beginning is unknown and there’s no real mention about it other than the fact that they dated at one point.  What’s with the whole kindred demon aspect?  There are just so many unanswered questions that I really don’t think this should have been part one of a serial. 

I really dislike this whole serial thing – I wish the publisher mentioned something or at least gave me the other parts rather than just leave the readers hanging after a certain part.  It’s a little ridiculous to be honest.  It’s one thing for there to be a series and it’s mentioned somewhere that this is book one.  And even then, book one would have a complete story with somewhat decent world and character building that would end with some sort of cliffhanger.  Whereas for serials, part one has NO world building nor character building – the reader is essentially thrusted into a world that they know nothing about and no explanations are given and you’re expected to somehow follow along and understand it.

Overall, while it could’ve been an interesting book but I felt way out of loop right from the beginning with too many unanswered questions about the origins of things that I doubt I will continue the rest of this serial.  




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