Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Night Huntress World Series by Jeaniene Frost

Night Huntress World Series by Jeaniene Frost
Published 2010

I’ve always liked the night huntress books so I was pretty excited to pick up these two books because they deal with Mencheres and Spade and their respective lovers.  It talked more about how they met and what drew them to each other. 

Personally I liked Spade and Denise’s story a little more mainly because they’re more closely involved with Bones and Kat (the two main characters in the Night Huntress novels) especially since Denise is Kat’s best friend.  Plus, she later became a badass with her shapeshifting skills and this book really talked about how exactly she got that power and the adventure that took place that brought Spade and Denise together.  Spade’s personality also seems to be a little more winning compared to Mencheres.  He is younger, first of all, and I think that made him feel a little more approachable to the other around him. 

As for Mencheres and Kira, while I also enjoyed their story, I think it didn’t entice me as much.  Mencheres’ demeanor seems a lot older and more refined, I suppose, especially since he’s technically 4000 years old.  He’s also much more powerful than the other vampires since his grandsire was basically the first vampire ever.  The relationship between him and Kira wasn’t as natural as Spade and Denise.  For Spade, they fell in love with each other while going on a mission to hunt down her relative to free the rest of her family so that made more sense.  As for Mencheres, he felt this sudden jolt with Kira and that was basically it.  After that, it was like he was in love with her and she with him.  There didn’t seem to be any sort of natural falling in love which felt lacking.

I’m glad these two books exist but I would be more interested in there were more books that delved into either couple’s lives just like how Night Huntress talk about the many adventures that Bones and Kat go on.  I think this will be most interesting for Spade and Denise especially with her demon shapeshifting powers.

Overall, pretty good books and it’s a good supplement for the main series.




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