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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Published September 10, 2013

Super glad I picked up this book.  I actually didn’t had this one on my TBR list but I had Carry On on there and when that book was picked for my monthly book club, someone mentioned that reading Fangirl before Carry On was a must.  Hence why I picked it up.  Let’s just say that I am so glad I did.  I need a Levi in my life.  I loved him and his personality that spoke to me.  All of the characters, to be honest, all hold a special place in my heart right now.  Cath, Reagan and even Wren were all very, very relatable characters.

Cath, or should I call her Magicath, is a famous fanfiction writer.  She’s profoundly obsessed with Simon Snow and write these gay fanfiction between him and Baz, his vampire roommate.  While I didn’t particularly understand her obsession with him, I could understand her devotion to a certain thing.  In her case, it’s fanfiction and Simon, of course.  The one thing that I didn’t particularly understand about her was her awkwardness in the beginning.  She was SO awkward to the point that she refused to go to the dining hall to eat and would instead munch on her bars.  That level of awkwardness and shyness just alludes me.  It’s one thing if you’re shy and stuff and it’s another if you’re essentially starving yourself to avoid human interaction.  She’s essentially a hermit.  I’m just glad that her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend, Levi, managed to pull her out of her shell because they took her on as a charity case.  Cath was most definitely a charity case.  I also felt that she relied on her more outgoing twin, Wren, a little too much.

Wren, Cath’s identical twin, was not someone I particularly liked.  She was basically a bitch in the first half of the book (the first semester).  She didn’t really want to be attached to the hip to her twin and instead went out partying, drinking, and whatever she was doing all the time.  In some way, I could understand her need to be free and unrestrained since her and her twin have always been together from the moment they were born and from the fact that Cath is much more reserved than she is.  However, I’m not sure if I approved of her way in going about that.  It wasn’t until this semi-major incident that allowed her to pull back and become more like the twin that Cath grew up with.  Once that happened, I started to like Wren a lot and was able to root for her as well.

I’m not going to mention too much about Reagan other than the fact that she was hilarious and awesome and I loved how she took on Cath as a project which not only changed Cath but also changed herself.  Now let’s talk about LEVI.  First of all, I was a little skeptical of him in the first place mainly because he was Reagan’s boyfriend yet he was overtly friendly to Cath so I wasn’t sure what the deal was.  Was he trying to cheat on Reagan or is that just his normal personality or what?  Secondly, he kind of seemed like a bum with his greasy hair (he mentioned that he rarely washed it…ew factor right there), his “ranch management” major (is that even a legit major?  Maybe it’s something only for the Midwest), the fact that he was always at Cath and Reagan’s room hanging out rather than doing anything else, and the fact that he couldn’t really read.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s super sweet and I love his personality which is why I love him BUT I can’t imagine being with a guy who can’t read.  I read a lot, clearly, so that’s like sacrilege to me or something.  I started to really like him once his feelings were made clear and once I saw how far he would go to be with Cath.  I mean, driving a few hours to Cath’s home in a blizzard is a clear show of devotion without trying to get something (ahem, sex, like most guys expect).  It’s all the little things that he would do for her that just struck a chord at my heartstrings.  Really, though, where can I find someone like Levi in NYC?  The chances of that is probably incredibly slim since the guys here are, for the most part, pretty much dickheads.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this book.  I didn’t really get all the Simon Snow references in the beginning of each chapter though. I felt that it wasn’t really needed for that particular book but since I’m already reading Carry On, I guess I do find them important somewhat but I don’t know if the author originally intended there to be Carry On when she was writing this book.  If not, then I felt that the references really weren’t that important.  Plus, I still think that Simon Snow is a rip-off from Harry Potter.  There are way too many similarities there but I will discuss that in my review of Carry On.  Anyways, for those interested in a laugh-out-loud book, realistic characters who tug at your feelings, and an overall great book, check this out.




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