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Dead to You by Lisa McMann

Dead to You by Lisa McMann
Published February 7, 2012

I’ve liked Lisa McMann’s novels in the past so I was quite excited to pick this one up.  I read this book via an audiobook and was surprised at how short it was and how fast it went by.  The premise was very interesting – how Ethan was abducted 9 years ago at the age of 7 and now at 16 almost 17, he found his way back to his family.  

That being said, I felt like I zoned out on the first few minutes of the audiobook so maybe I missed it but how exactly did he find them and why didn’t his family wonder if he was legit or not?  I feel like most families would wonder especially after 9 years and obviously Ethan would not look the same.  I had a few questions – his abductor mom called him a different name for most of his life yet after finding his family, he kept calling himself Ethan.  Was it that easy for him to replace his name?  I feel like for most people, when you’re thinking to yourself, you wouldn’t easily remember that your name has changed – it’s like a force of habit.

So I can see why his brother, Blake, was quite suspicious of him – that he was a phony.  There were a lot of things that didn’t add up such as the whole earlobe thing, the missing memories, etc.  However, I still think that Blake was a dickhead even though he had every right to be suspicious.  I’m pretty sure I would have been as well.  How can you not remember anything?  At least one or two memories could have been dredged up. 

One thing that made literally zero sense was the relationship between Cami and Ethan.  For me, the whole “I want her sooo much and I want to bang her RIGHT NOW” was such a typical guy reaction.  I mean, seriously?  You’ve just found your “real family” and before you even get to settle down, you zone on to a girl and immediately have “I want to bone you” thoughts.  So typical.  Lisa really did a good job on writing from a guy’s perspective.

Last thing I want to mention – THE ENDING. Damn, that was crazy.  I was not expecting that at all and was completely shocked when it happened.  I also thought the ending went by way too quickly – I wish Lisa had more of a closure so the readers know what really happened in the aftermath or something.  It was too much of a cliffhanger that I was like WTF no. 

Overall, I still prefer Lisa’s Wake series even though this one wasn’t that bad.  I just didn’t appreciate the crazy ending as much and wish it had turned out differently.




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