Monday, June 6, 2016

Odd Thomas Series (#1-3) by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas Series (#1-3) by Dean Koontz
Published between 2003-2006

While I can’t say I’m exactly a Dean Koontz’s fan; however, I have read a few of his books previously and thought they were okay.  Unfortunately I really did not like this Odd Thomas series.  I’m really not sure what this whole fuss is about and there are only two reasons why I picked it up.  1) I had to read a horror book for my NYPLRead Harder Challenge and the most recent one of this series, Saint Odd, was ranked #1 in the Horror Category so I figured, why not and 2) the synopsis of the series looked promising and I thought the horror and supernatural element would go well together.  Apparently I was dead wrong.

Odd Thomas is one of those characters that is not only actually extremely odd (pun intended) but also incredibly dry and boring.  The details given to describe just his personality was so obnoxious.  The author wrote a very long monologue about how Odd prefers the simplicity of life due to the fact that he can see ghosts and has an incredible sixth sense which already complicates his life.  Did you see that I was able to write that in one sentence?  Yet the author wrote paragraphs upon paragraphs (okay to be fair, I was listening to the audiobooks for this series so maybe that might have affected my judgment in terms of listening to the reader drone on and on for 10-15 minutes about the same thing) about it.  Is this really necessary?  I do appreciate character development but I honestly think Dean went a little too far to develop his main character.

I guess the main reason why I disliked this series is mainly because there’s too much detail and not enough action.  It was to the point that my mind would often wander off and then come back and be like wait what just happened and then I would be lost for a few minutes until I realize that we are still at the same scene minus a few dialogues I missed.  The buildup is also way too long that the only real “action” is in the last maybe 15 minutes of the book.  I don’t think 6+ hours of listening to the guy drone on is worth the 15 minutes of action at the end.

I was in the middle of reading the fourth book when I just got so bored and could no longer stand reading or listening to the series anymore.  It no longer felt like it was worth my time so I am sorry but I have to give this series up.  I’m honestly surprised I lasted this long because I knew from the first few chapters of book one that this series would be difficult but I persevered.  Unfortunately book four was too much for me.  Plus I read some of the reviews later and realized that apparently the fourth book is the worse one and that it’s really only for die-hard Dean Koontz fans.  I guess I’m not one of them.

To summarize: don’t read this series unless you are an absolute die-hard Dean Koontz fan or you are a die-hard horror/supernatural mystery lover.  Otherwise…you’ll be like me and yawn for the entire series. 




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