Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Living With The Dead Series by Jesse Petersen

Living With The Dead Series by Jesse Petersen
Published between 2010-2013

I found this series to be hilarious with the right amount of snarky and attitude.  Since I listened to most of the books as an audiobook, I really liked the lady who did the reading.  She definitely added the right tone for Sarah’s sarcastic attitude and Dave’s winning personality.

These books reminded me a little of Resident Evil with a dose of comedy and a little less on the bad-assery clothes.  Plus I really liked how in the first book, you can see the falling out on Sarah and Dave’s marriage yet when it came to fighting for their lives, they really came together to set aside their differences to survive.  It’s good to know that they can prioritize correctly.  The one thing that threw me off a little was the fact that in the first book when they were heading to their therapist for their counseling, they noticed that there weren’t any cars on a normally crowded highway and when they got there, the usual security guard was nowhere to be found.  Everything just seemed off for them and they didn’t even realize zombies were about until they stumbled in on their therapist eating a fellow patient.  My question is: how did they not know?  I feel like news would’ve erupted with today’s technology if there were reports on someone eating someone else’s brains like the bath salt incident a few years ago in Maryland.  It wasn’t until they got home and turned on the TV that they were like ohhhh, zombies!  Did they not check their phones at all before or after their little therapist incident?  I mean, sure the book was written back in 2010 but I’m pretty sure most people were checking their phones nonstop by then.  I know I was.  Anyways, that was really the only thing where I was like, seriously guys?  Be a little quicker, okay?

I loved the plot throughout the series – the crazy religious cult in a casino (I mean, really, a casino??), the mad scientist with the crazy experiments (I did wonder what happened to all of the bionic zombies afterwards…did Sarah and Dave kill all of them?  The book didn’t really say…), survival camps that were prison-like and all the military action in the last 1.5 books.  There were certainly a lot of action going on and there was never a dull moment.

I came to really enjoy reading about the secondary characters especially The Kid and Nicole.  They started off either a little annoying or too personal but they definitely grew on me.  Even McCray with his English accent and drug addiction grew on me.  I was a little sad and disappointed about Nadia but with these zombie apocalypses, I guess it’s bound to happen.

Overall, I really enjoyed the series.  I found it highly entertaining and went through all of the books super quickly.  The little epilogue at the end was great too – it really concluded the books.  I just wish there was a little more info on Little Z.




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