Thursday, June 2, 2016

Karma Patrol by Kate Miller

Karma Patrol by Kate Miller
Published April 14, 2016

This was surprisingly a very, very good book for me.  It was entertaining, light-hearted yet full of wisdom and tons of romance to boot.  The wisdom part is a little strange especially in the YA genre where most books are geared more towards lighter reads and just plain entertaining.  However, I found this book to have a lot of tiny tidbits of wisdom scattered throughout the book which I enjoyed immensely.  For example, the book referred to the fate, destiny and karma division which are three things that a lot of people believe.  Is there a fate or a destiny that each person will ultimately face?  Will people get what they deserve aka karma?  I felt like this book gave a lot of insight – albeit, most of it is fiction but it doesn’t change the fact that fate, destiny and karma are intertwined and have been around for ages.

While I don’t believe much in soulmates, after reading about Jade and Luke and understanding them a little more, it becomes obvious that they really are perfect for each other and that they very well can be soulmates.  I felt that the dynamic between the two was genuine and while I’m still skeptical on the concept of soulmates and the fact that they fell in love way too quickly (especially Jade’s part – I mean, she basically was in love with her soulmate before even knowing who he was…how is that even possible?), I still think the relationship seemed like it was true and heartfelt.

The secondary characters were also relatively well developed (though, to be honest, they could have used a little more developing but since this a series and only has about 250 pages, I can’t be too picky about it).  I especially liked Luke’s partner, Aaron, mainly because I found his little digs at Luke to be hilarious.  I also liked Jade’s best friend a lot and was shocked to find out what happened to her.  Definitely did not see that one coming at all.

Honestly I really enjoyed the plot of the story – it was full of suspense and twists.  I found the whole karma, fate and destiny division to be super unique and different from the typical YA books out there.  So this was refreshing.  I was a little surprised about the villain mainly because it was so unexpected and the little teaser at the really end of the book is a huge cliff-hanger so I’m quite excited for book two. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this first book in a series.  I’m really hoping that the series will continue to be good and that I won’t have to wait too long for it to be released.




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