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In the Arms of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane

In the Arms of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane
Published March 22, 2011

Sometimes listening to an audiobook is a hit or a miss – the speaker might be very eloquent and really good at reading out loud or you might get unlucky and get a speaker that sounds as if she is doing a commercial the entire time.  This is basically what happened with this book.  Other than the time she was speaking in the main character’s voice, she literally sounded as if she was doing a commercial with that high pitched overly excited voice which irked me to no end.  It took me some time to get used to it and actually follow and like the story.  But it was just so annoying especially because the speaker’s job is to really bring the characters to life and they can either make it or break it and she failed so miserably.  Whoever hired this speaker should get fired for hiring someone so poorly trained in the art of reading out loud.

Now that I got the audiobook/speaker out of the way, I actually enjoyed the book itself.  I found the character, Breanna, to be a complicated person.  On one hand, I understood her guilt from what happened two years ago but on the other hand, I didn’t understand why she left things the way she did.  After pointing her fingers at her best friend and somewhat boyfriend to the police, she and her mom got up and left town without once looking back.  For someone who felt guilty for doing so and upon returning to the town, went to find White Bird immediately to see what happened and how she could help, I didn’t understand why she left town in the first place and why she didn’t even want to go back until her mom forced her.  It didn’t make much sense.  How can you feel guilty and try to help yet didn’t even lift a finger for two years?

I did enjoy the supernatural aspect of the book especially with the paranormal part.  While I enjoyed it, I wish the author discussed a little about how exactly she came about to seeing ghosts.  There was no mention about whether or not this was something from childhood or if this was developed later on in life.  It was more like “oh! She sees ghosts.  Let’s move on now.”  It was certainly a little strange but I guess it helped with the overall supernatural element since the whole Indian thing and spirit walking is somewhat considered as supernatural. 

Another thing I didn’t really understand was the whole relationship between her and White Bird.  Were they actually together or just friends that happened to kiss that one time before the shit hit the storm?  Why was she the only one who was able to touch him and get sucked into his waking nightmare?  My only conclusion was that she was somehow special to him and therefore was able to do so.  However, what if it was because of her ghost ability that allowed her to be more sensitive to the other side?  So it was a little confusing.

Overall, I did enjoy the book except for the annoying reader (seriously, one of the worst audiobook reader I have ever read) and some of the unanswered questions.  I would recommend it for those who are interested in a little mystery with a supernatural/paranormal twist.




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