Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Girl, Stolen by April Henry

Girl, Stolen by April Henry
Published December 1, 2010

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book mainly because while the synopsis sounded promising, it was also going to be in the perspective of a blind girl which is something I don’t exactly experience very often.  I found out actually that it was an alternating perspective between Cheyenne, the blind girl, and Griffin.  To be honest, I found this a little better especially because Griffin allows us, the readers, to see the struggle he was facing between aligning himself with his family or with the perfect stranger and doing the right thing.

Even though I thought this book was relatively interesting and certainly kept me intrigued, I didn’t fall into it as some of the readers on Goodreads did.  I didn’t contemplate about the book for days later and instead, simply filed it away.  I didn’t connect with Cheyenne as much as I would have liked. While I found her struggle and inner turmoil during captivity, I wish there was more of a beginning and an end to the book, if that makes sense.  I felt like the book started off too quickly and there was no real sense of what is family to her.  There was no dialogue or any scene between her and her father so the whole ransom thing didn’t seem as realistic because I simply couldn’t grasp what the relationship between the two of them was. 

Same with the ending – it was pretty sudden especially the last chapter.  There wasn’t anything concrete on what ultimately happened to Griffin so there was that slight cliffhanger which irked me.  And then I realized that there is supposedly going to be a second book that will be released in 2017.  I guess the author finally figured out that hey, maybe the ending in the first book wasn’t so satisfactory nor did it seem like it a clear ending so a second book will finally be written.  But why wait such a long time?  It’s been 6 years since this one was written and there’s still one more year before the second book will come out.  I feel like this long period will deter her original fans from reading it. 

Anyways, I also wanted to discuss a little about Griffin especially the whole thing with his mom.  I was not surprised whatsoever.  I was actually surprised that he was so na├»ve and innocent that he didn’t even suspect anything.  I mean, his dad was clearly off his rocker yet he had such a blind faith in his father.  Plus his father treated him as dirt.  I’m just glad he finally found things out for himself albeit a bit late.  Better late than never, right?

With that being said, this book overall was just okay to me.  Nothing super special and I most likely wouldn’t wait for the second book unless it somehow pops up on my radar after being released and if I hear good things about it.  




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