Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Are You Going to Kiss Me Now? by Sloane Tanen

Are You Going to Kiss Me Now? by Sloane Tanen
Published May 1, 2011

After reading some of the negative reviews on Goodreads and seeing the low rating, I was a little skeptical about reading it.  However, it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought.  I found the plot to be intriguing though a bit cliché with the celebrity gossip and whatnot but I did enjoy the actual survival part of the book.  There were some facts there that were actually useful if I should ever find myself in a similar situation.  Another thing I appreciated was the mini plot twist toward the end – I actually did not see that one coming so I was part pleasantly surprised and part going like “wtf, are these characters stupid or what?”

That being said, I have mixed feelings about Francesca.  This is mostly due to the fact that I found her somewhat annoying especially with all those random texts to her best friend.  It was like she was journaling her life rather than actually texting someone.  If it was because of the survival thing that she started “texting/journaling” her story, then that’s fine but from the beginning, you can tell that that was just how she texted.  It was really odd to say the least.

The other characters were so bizarre.  They were all famous except for the gossip/tabloid gay guy and they all had their weird quirks and personalities.  At first they seemed very shallow but after a day or two of trying to survive in the wild, they actually started to show the depth of their characters with actual strengths and vulnerabilities.  It was refreshing to hear about the real side of these famous people rather than what is normally written on those gossip magazines.  It’s hard to forget that celebrities and famous musicians are just real people at the end of the day. 

The one thing that I felt was a little unrealistic was the fact that after they were saved (spoiler but is it really since it’s a no brainer that they would ultimately be saved), the little epilogue just seemed so fake.  Somehow I doubt that will happen in real life but hey, who knows, maybe it will.

Overall, a decent book that was ended up higher than my expectations.  Not sure if I will recommend it per say but it wasn’t bad at all.




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