Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Sweetest Thing by Christina Mandelski

The Sweetest Thing by Christina Mandelski
Published May 10, 2011

I had high hopes for this book mainly because the cover was so cute and it was about cakes and cooking.  Basically, it was about food and for everyone who knows me, I love food.  Unfortunately this book fell flat. 

While the plot itself was fine, I really, really despised the main character, Sheridan.  I found her extremely annoying, immature, whiney, and just plain annoying.  The thing about her mom and trying to find her, okay, I can kind of understand why you want to find your mom but the thing is, her mom never came to visit her after sending her promises after promises with the last one over a few years ago.  Plus, if your dad and all the other family and family friends disliked your mom, there must be a damn good reason for it.  However, Sheridan refused to listen to anyone and still clung to that hope that her mother would just appear out of nowhere and be with her again.  That is just naiveté at its finest.  What annoyed me the most actually was the fact that she pushed everyone away just because of it even though it was so blatantly obvious that her mother ditched her.  It was ridiculous and annoying to have to read about Sheridan denying everything.

Jack, Sheridan’s best friend, was sweet.  Despite the fact that he understood that Sheridan’s mother essentially ditched her, he still tried his best to help her look for her because he cared about her.  I’m not sure what Jack saw with Sheridan because, as you can tell, I dislike her a lot.  And even though she pushed him away at one point, he still couldn’t help himself and be there for her again.  He was a good friend and Sheridan was lucky to have him.  Too lucky, in my opinion. 

Sheridan’s father was someone I couldn’t decide if I liked or not.  He seemed kind of standoffish in the beginning of the book and somewhat selfish with the whole cooking show idea.  It did seem, in a way that he was only thinking for himself when he signed up for it and didn’t ask his daughter how she thought of the idea of them possibly moving to NYC for the show.   However, once things were explained from his point of view, he didn’t seem like an absent father.  Instead, he seemed like he was trying his best to take care of his daughter.

Overall, it was an okay book.  Some of the characters were nice (i.e. Jack) and others were just downright annoying as hell (i.e. Sheridan).  I wouldn’t exactly recommend this book though.  




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