Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Princess of Tyrone by Katie Hamstead

Princess of Tyrone by Katie Hamstead
Published March 31, 2016

For some reason, I didn’t get the memo that this is basically a retelling of a classic fairytale story – the Sleeping Beauty.  I think I was just out of it or something because now that I reread the synopsis, it’s like a duh of course it’s about Sleeping Beauty…  With that being said, I did enjoy this retelling mainly because it’s so unique from the others.  There are so many modern retellings and whatnot but this is literally the first them where space travelling is part of the story.  I think adding that sci-fi aspect made this book (and series) really different and interesting.

I especially like the Aurora in this book or should I say, Apolline, because she’s so much more of a badass than the original Disney character is.  I mean, she can shoot, fight and hunt.  The one thing that I didn’t really get was her ignorance of the fact that she was actually the princess of Tyrone.  I mean, she lived with fairies all her life and they basically told her the “fairytale story” every day till it was ingrained in her.  How many people live with fairies or even get the chance to meet with fairies on a regular basis?  I feel like she was a bit slow in connecting the two dots together.  Plus, how did she not know that the Allard she was meeting was Prince Allard?  He was obviously wealthy and of good social status and was best friends with that guy (I forget his name…) and yet she didn’t put the two together.  I suppose her only downside was that she was a bit slow at times.

Allard was an interesting character.  However, there were times when I found him to be too perfect other than the fact that he felt that he was betraying his intended by falling in love with Apolline.  It was sweet to see the effort he would make just to go see her despite knowing he was engaged and that she was also engaged. 

I actually really liked the plot especially with the other fairytale story that were meshed in.  It kind of reminded me of the TV show, Once Upon A Time, where somehow every single fairytale were linked to one another in one way or another rather than completely separate stories.   I feel like that shows a lot of genuine thought in the story weaving and I find that incredibly difficult.  I suppose this is why I’m a reader not a writer.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with this book and I’m excited to read the next book (whenever it comes out).  




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