Friday, May 6, 2016

Gyre by Jessica Gunn

Gyre by Jessica Gunn
Published February 1, 2016

Surprisingly I really enjoyed this book mainly because it included mythical places aka Atlantis and Lemuria.  Actually I didn’t even know about Lemuria and its mythical origins until reading this book.  It was definitely something interesting.

I found the overall plot to be enjoyable – I liked the mythical lands, the super powers that these ancient races acquired, the sci-fi aspect of time traveling and the forbidden romance between the two hidden races.  It was like Romeo and Juliet all over again but hopefully, without the dual suicides at the end.  The one thing I didn’t really understand was what was the reason for the animosity between the Atlantean and the Lemurians.  There didn’t seem to be any real reason behind the hatred between the two races yet they both went so far to destroy the other race completely.  I mean, the Lemurians even went ahead to develop time traveling just so they can do so and the Atlanteans developed super soldiers to counter it.  I just really want to know why though.

Trevor and Chelsea were interesting characters – their own POVs gave certain insight to the book.  I’m not sure which POV I liked better since they were both very critical to the plot.  Trevor’s side showed a lot of confusion because he wanted to tell Chelsea about his and her heritage but at the same time, didn’t know where to begin.  Chelsea was also very confused mainly because she suddenly had all of these powers and was thrust into an ancient war between two warring sides.  I guess both main characters were just mostly confused throughout the book – neither of them really knew who they could trust.

My favorite part actually, besides the whole Atlantis aspect, was the super powers.  It was cool what Chelsea could do and how many different kinds of powers she really had.  It was a little confusing towards the end when the other super soldier from Atlantean showed up but was somehow not as special as Chelsea.  I wish there was a little more information on that.  Also, how come all the Lemurians had super powers but not Trevor?  And did they only have one super power each while the Atlanteans had to resort to genetic modifications to get super powers?  There were definitely a lot of answered questions and many vague answers.  I’m really hoping that the second book would explain more.

Overall, I enjoyed the first book and am excited to see where Trevor and Chelsea would end up especially with that little time warp at the end.  Definitely a huge cliff hanger.




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