Friday, May 27, 2016

Emily's Guest Post Series #4

Chase the Money or the Passion?

Chasing money 

Focus. No one can tell you that you aren’t a writer. It’s your career, it’s your life. You push yourself to be public, to be bold with your opinions and your art. The world will need to understand you and keeps you accountable. It’ll know when you deserve anything more than just books and words. You know that you can make a spectacle of a plot. You understand business, not the internet, is the greatest push of communication and you plan on holstering it tame. Money streamlines the craving for a readership. You’ll find an audience in any decade. Amusement and thrill, as well as the cyclical nature of a bestseller, drives you to achievement in ways that self-will and revelation never will. Being strong means being known and writing isn’t a occupation until it qualifies for taxation. 

Chasing passion 

Dream. No one can tell you that you don’t believe. It’s your soul, it’s your gospel. You push yourself to be different, to be selfish with your time and your perspectives. The world will need to understand itself and keep you aware. It’ll know when you require anything more than just nature and a muse. You know that you can host a purpose for paragraphs. You understand time, not bestseller lists, is the greatest witness of great story and you plan on being there when things chime. Feeling seals the fate of the untold narratives that ghost. You’ll find apostles decades later your own. Revelation matched with resolve, harnessed with a superhuman impetus, drive you to completion in ways that mere feast of literary fair couldn't inspire. Being good means being true and writing isn’t a mission until it captures history. 

Emily Gong


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