Friday, May 20, 2016

Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
Published January 25, 2016

Steampunk is a genre that I’m not too familiar with – there are a few steampunk novels that I really enjoy but since it’s not a genre that is super common, I end up only knowing/reading a handful of them.  So I was quite excited to see a new steampunk book.  With that being said, I enjoyed this book.  It was certainly different from other steampunk novels because this one has magic as a major influence.  Most of the other steampunk books just have really high-end technology and gadgets set in the Victorian age.

I found this book to be very different from typical steampunk novels especially with the whole hag and ogre concept.  I guess females are hags and males are ogres and somehow they were humans who were magically changed to have magical abilities.  And somehow humans were prejudiced against them so instead of living peacefully with each other, they forced the hags and ogres into a second class citizenship even though they were technically superior with their many magical potions and abilities.

I actually found Edna to be a very strong and courageous young lady.  Even though she grew up in a very sheltered lifestyle but because she wanted to save her little brother, she went out and accepted help from various people – people she would have never aligned herself with if her brother hadn’t been kidnapped.  Even though she grew up in a society where humans looked down from hags and she grew up with that stigma as well, she was willing to put that aside and work together with hags and other magical creatures to save her brother and the other children that were kidnapped.

Ike, the male main character in this book, had a lot of secrets in the past.  That one scene where his lineage became known came as a surprise to me.  However, upon realizing it, I realized that I shouldn’t even be surprised because it should’ve been obvious.  Obviously I was just being slow and didn’t notice anything.  But I did like his resourcefulness and his magic also came handy as well. 

The budding romance between Edna and Ike were really cute too.  They were a little awkward with each other in the beginning and it was funny because Ike approached Edna in the beginning to rob her from the pocket watch and somehow they ended up partnering with each other and falling for each other.  Their relationship was definitely more on the believable side since it wasn’t sudden or anything.

Overall, I did like the plot and the overall book.  However, I felt that the ending was a little rushed – in fact, I feel like there should be a second book or something.  I didn’t feel like the book was too concluded but I looked on Goodreads and this seems to be a standalone novel.  Oh well, it would’ve been interesting to read more about Ike and Edna. 




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