Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Because of You by RaShelle Workman

Because of You by RaShelle Workman
Published January 16, 2016

I actually liked this book mainly because there were aspects of the story that tugged at my heartstrings.  At the same time though, there were a few scenes where I wanted to smack myself in the head because of Maddie’s innocence and Kyle’s ignorance.  So many misunderstandings and lost time could have been avoided if they only talked about it.  Especially from Maddie’s part – she basically avoided Kyle for the past 7 years or so because of something his father did and essentially just left him to ponder over why she stopped talking to him.  They lost so much time together because she simply didn’t confront him about it.  Understandably, her parents were killed; however, for someone who was her supposed best friend, she condemned him for something he didn’t do.

While this book was mostly written from Maddie’s perspective, there were a few random chapters that were from Kyle’s perspective.  I’m not sure why there was no pattern to the random Kyle chapters but I think I would have preferred the book more if the chapters had alternating POVs.  Also, I realized that I was not such a huge fan of Maddie.  I found her a little selfish at times especially with her roommate.  It was obvious that her roommate was basically getting raped while being drunk yet it took Maddie forever to realize it and when she did, she really didn’t do much.  It was also obvious that her roommate was having drug issues yet Maddie was too focused on her own “problems” with Kyle that she essentially ignored her.  So much for being good friends with your roommate…

Out of the two characters, I liked Kyle the best.  He had a lot of misunderstandings going on for him which made me very sympathetic to him.  He had this weird rumor about him being kinky in bed and for being a major player but in reality, he wasn’t.  I found him to be an actual gentleman especially when Maddie was drunk and he didn’t take advantage of her at all despite rumors.  He cared a lot for her and forgave her for ditching him the past 7 years.  I think that showed a lot of character for him.  The one thing I am on the fence about is the fact that he chose to ignore some of his family’s shadier side.  He knew they were involved with drug dealing and whatnot yet chose to ignore all of that until it became too late.  Once he became more aware of it, he was angry at himself for choosing to stay ignorant all this time.  At some level, I can understand his reasoning to ignore all of that especially since they are his family; however, it doesn’t change the fact that they were hurting innocent people.

I did enjoy the plot a lot especially the romance between Kyle and Maddie.  I found it sweet that despite everything that happened between them, they still found love with each other.  The most ironic part, I think, was the fact that Maddie saved herself for him yet was the one who chose to ignore and avoid him for all those years.  And Kyle didn’t save himself but still reached out to her for all those years hoping that she will finally respond to him again.

Overall, I found the book endearing and it was a nice quick read.  Not sure if I would recommend it per say; however, I think if you have time and you’re interested in a heart tugging romance book then go for it.




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