Monday, April 18, 2016

Vampire Queen Series (#2-3) by Rebecca Maizel

Vampire Queen Series (#2-3) by Rebecca Maizel
Published between 2012-2014

The first book in this series was really good which is why I continued reading through book two and three despite the fact that I felt that the two books really weren’t that interesting to me anymore.  I didn’t feel connected with the characters anymore and didn’t particularly like any of them either except for Tony in the third book.  His personality was catchy and I liked that. 

However, I didn’t enjoy Lenah and her attitude at all. There were many times when I found her self-centered, annoying and pretty much kind of dumb.  A lot of the choices she made felt wrong mainly because she didn’t really think things through and would rush headlong into something that she thought she had the right answer to but she really didn’t.  The entire third book happened only because she made a huge decision by herself at the end of the second book and somehow things didn’t turn out the way it had so this huge problem occurred and Lenah had to go back and fix it.  Again.  I felt that the third book was so pointless – I felt that the author ran out of things to write about so she made up this entire mess just to have a third book and a “conclusion” to the series.

The relationship between Rhode and Lenah seemed to wane in the last two books – I thought it was interesting in the first book but afterward, I didn’t feel the connection between them anymore.  It felt stale and used.  The only relationship I actually enjoyed was between Lenah and Tony mainly because I really liked his personality and his charming self seemed to rub off of Lenah which helped elevate her otherwise broodiness. 

The other characters – Rhode, Tracey, Vicken (only in the second book) and the main enemy in the third book, Justin, were all so dry to me.  First of all, I didn’t sense anything serious between Lenah and Rhode especially in the second book where they were both like “no we can’t be together but we’re soulmates” and basically pined for each other the entire book.  Vicken was actually an interesting character and I would’ve liked to see more of him in the third book but unfortunately he wasn’t there.  Tracey came off as this bimbo who was suddenly thrust into the world of vampires and tried her best to overcome it (and failed somewhat).  And Justin, omg, I was not a fan of him.  He came off as super clingy in the second book and then went bat shit crazy at the end of the book and throughout the entire third book.  I literally don’t understand what exactly happened with him. 

Overall, not a fan of the series.  It went from great to a huge nosedive in the second and third book.  It was quite unfortunate really.




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