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Timeless by Gail Carriger

Timless by Gail Carriger
Published March 1, 2012

I actually really like this series but I’m a little confused if this was the last book because it certainly didn’t feel like it was.  However, at the same time, there hasn’t been another book published within the last 3-4 years so…I’m really hoping the author is just being slow at writing.  Though I did notice that there is a spin-off series that highlights the daughter so perhaps it really is the last book in this particular series.  This is quite sad.  It really didn’t have the ending that is typical for a final book.

I do find the dynamic between Alexia and Conall’s relationship to be incredibly unique.  Rather than the overly love-enthused relationships you typically find in books, their relationship is more subdued.  Yet their affection towards each other is still obvious.  I found it amusing that they kept calling each other “husband” and “wife” as a sign of endearment rather than their actual names or any other typical nicknames.

The daughter, Prudence, was also quite interesting.  I found her ability to be quite fascinating – the fact that she can take on the form of the supernatural when touching them and will remain supernatural until “cured” with her mother’s touch.  My only question was how in the world did Prudence get this ability?  The mother is preternatural which means that she takes away the supernatural ability from supernatural creatures but doesn’t don on that status herself and the father is a supernatural.  So how did the daughter get the ability of taking a supernatural’s ability for herself?  Very curious – it’s too bad the author didn’t explain too much about it.  I don’t believe any explanations were given in the fourth book either.

I also liked the side characters a lot – Ivy, Biffy, Lord Akeldama, and others.  Ivy was exceptionally funny with her hat obsessions – it’s interesting how hats can be that crazy looking.  I also enjoyed Biffy’s character – I hope to see more of him in the spin-off series mainly because he’s a newly turned werewolf but is already showing signs of being an Alpha.  Lord Akeldama is, as always, one of the most interesting characters in the book due to his fashion sense and charm.  The favorite scene is when Prudence took away his vampirism and he became a regular human.

The plot is also highly entertaining.  I found the whole mystery of the God-Breaking Plague to be intriguing and would have loved to learn more about it in the series.  Perhaps it will be mentioned in the spin-off series.

Overall, great series and great book as always.  Will definitely pick up the spin-off when possible.



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