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Talent Chronicles Series (#.5-2) by H.P. Mallory

Talent Chronicles Series (#.5-2) by H.P. Mallory
Published between 2010-2011

I have to admit, I was not such a huge fan of this series.  I just didn’t feel much of a connection with the characters and I was confused with the prequel book because it literally had nothing to do with any of the characters in the actual series.  It was just related to the Talents and the NIAC program but that was it.  I actually liked the characters in the prequel much better than in the actual series and it was disappointing to find out that none of them made it to book 1 or 2.  Maybe they’ll appear in book 3 but I somewhat doubt it.

While I did appreciate Joss and her badass self especially with those fighting skills she had developed sparring with her father, her aloofness in the first book made her hard to approach.  So when Kat approached her and Joss suddenly had a group of friends, it just made things more unbelievable.  When I was in high school, we didn’t just approach a loner and then suddenly all become friends with that loner.  That’s just not typical high school behavior.  Granted, they’re supposed to have Talents and therefore be “special” but teenage behavior is still teenage behavior.  That doesn’t change things.

Also, can I just mention how dumb I found Joss to be at times?  Especially when she knew there was trouble there and yet she would go head first into it and then things were going downhill, she would look back and be like “wait, why did I even come here in the first place?”  How is that not pure dumbness?  It literally made no sense to me.  And Dylan, because of his feelings towards her, would run in after her as well and then they both get fucked.  They never call for backup, they never plan ahead and then when they find themselves in a really bad situation, well.   I just don’t understand.  I really don’t.

The relationship between Dylan and Joss was just weird and awkward as well.  But…I guess teenagers are awkward and weird so I suppose that’s just normal behavior.  However, I still thought their relationship felt a little forced at times and the reason why it even developed was because of their friends - mainly Kat and Heather with her mind reading skills.  Otherwise, neither of them would’ve grown a pair and then they wouldn’t have gotten together at all. 

The side characters – Kat, Heather, Eric, Rob and the “bad” kids – Marco, Jeff, Tony, etc. definitely helped develop the story but I’m not sure if the author did a good job introducing them.  This was especially true for the “bad” kids because the ones in the first book changed in the second.  I’m not even sure where Marco got the kids from the second book from.  They just randomly appeared with random Talents that would help Marco out with his criminal acts.  I just really want to know where they came from.  And how did Fairview, a seemingly small town, just suddenly have tons of teenagers with Talents.  They’re just popping out of nowhere. 

Overall, I felt that there were a lot of unanswered questions in both books and perhaps the third book will tie everything together but since I wasn’t impressed with either books, I think I’m going to drop this series.  There are way too many better books out there for me to spend time on this one.  I really wanted to like these books but alas.




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