Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Shadow Falls Series by C.C. Hunter

Shadow Falls Series by C.C. Hunter
Published between 2011-2014

Surprisingly I really enjoyed this series.  I found it entertaining, engaging, romantic and full of action.  I really enjoyed reading about Kylie’s friendships and boy problems as well as her many other issues including an identity crisis, figuring out who her real family was, how to fit in, who is trying to kill her and how to get along with her mom. 

I found Kylie to be older than portrayed – I believe she’s 16 in the book; however, a lot of her words and actions made her feel to be in her early 20s or even older than that.  I definitely found her more mature compared to other teenagers.  Other than her boy problems, in which she became more of a teenager, I respected her.  She had a lot of things on her shoulders yet she handled them with care.  I also enjoyed her semi-meddling with the camp counselor, Holiday, and the tall, dark and handsome vampire. 

A lot of side characters – Della, Miranda, Perry, Lucas, Derek, Holiday, and Brunet were also very invested in the story line.  They didn’t feel too much like secondary characters but instead was a vital core to Kylie and her story.  What I enjoyed the most was how much each of the characters plus Kylie changed throughout the series.  Della and Miranda was portrayed as the scary vampire and crazy witch in the first book soon because Kylie’s best friends and roommates and were essentially a rock to her crazy life.  Brunet was introduced as some stiff government person in the first book but later became a father figure to Kylie and was very protective of her.  Holiday also became vital to her life and became almost like an older sister where they shared secrets and concerns with each other.  Perry was also a laugh to read about – I found him highly entertaining and adorable when he was crazy jealous about Miranda and the guys she flirted with. 

Lucas and Derek were the two boys Kylie pondered over.  Honestly I kind of wished Kylie ended up with the other boy (not going to mention who) instead of who she chose at the end.  Mainly because they seemed to connect together a lot more plus he was always there for her and didn’t hide anything from her.  He seemed to always sense when she was feeling down or troubled and would immediately swoop over to help her.  That being said, I did like the other guy too – the one Kylie ended up with only because they did seem destined to be together, I guess.  The main reason why I wasn’t so fond of him was because he always had some secret and wouldn’t even respond to her texts or calls yet claimed he loved her.  I mean, hello, the least you can do when you’re away is text her back.  But nooo, he basically ignored her for the few days he would be away and then come back as if nothing happened.

I also loved the plot and the realization of who Kylie really was.  Actually I thought it was fairly obvious by the end of the last book but it took three books to figure it out.  Granted, I didn’t know the name of her species but certainly the attributes.  That being said, I still very much enjoyed the process in which it took for her to finally figure things out.  Also, can I just state that I find the whole “protector” rules to suck? I mean, how can you protect others if you can’t even protect yourself with the protector strengths and instinct?  Kind of defeats the purpose of protecting someone.

Overall, great series and I’m already putting the spin-off series on my TBR list because more Della also means more Kylie and the rest of the gang.




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