Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Princess for Hire Series (#2-3) by Lindsey Leavitt

Princess for Hire Series (#2-3) by Lindsey Leavitt
Published 2011-2012

This was a cute series – glad I finished it.  Even though it seemed like one of those fluff books you read during the summer just to pass some time, there were some key life lessons to be learned in this series.  The most important one was to do what was right despite circumstances and ignore all the pressure to do otherwise. 

I liked Desi – I thought she was cute and a decent main character.  I guess due to the large age gap between her and me, there were a few instances where I didn’t really understand where she was coming from or comprehend how she was so stupid to do something or not to realize something.  Honestly, half the time, I wanted to smack my own head at her slowness to understand something.  However, I do give her props for standing up for what was right and figuring out what was wrong.  She might not have gone about it in the exact right way but she was only 14 so it’s understandable.

I actually Reed a lot.  I thought he was adorable and it was so obvious how much he liked Desi yet she didn’t really see him that way and instead, kept pushing her best friend towards him even though they literally never spoke with each other before.  I was actually surprised what his real identity was and thinking back, it actually made a lot of sense.  I just didn’t realize that there were so many different branches and divisions.

The overall plot of the series was interesting.  The fact that you can use makeup and magic to completely become a different person and live the life of a royal princess is essentially a girl’s dream come true.  At least that’s what you’d think because clearly Desi had some ups and downs during her subbing.  It definitely made things a little more realistic – that the life of a princess isn’t exactly perfect. 

The one thing that nerved me a little was the fact that there simply aren’t that many royalty in the world today.  I can only think of two or three royal families still existent.  The rest are just the rich and famous but they’re certainly no royalty so this series, if you want to be technical and if you want to take out the magic factor, is a no go.  It simply won’t work.

Overall, I liked it.  It definitely wasn’t a series I had to think too much on but I did like learning some of the lessons that were taught.  One can never be too old to learn some good old life lessons.




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