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Night Huntress Series (#5-7) by Jeaniene Frost

Night Huntress Series (#5-7) by Jeaniene Frost
Published between 2011-2014

I really enjoyed the first few books in this series – I’m such a sucker for this vampire falling in love with a human female kind of books and this was no exception.  And the female is usually 99% badass meaning she’s either a vampire slayer or something equally kickass. 

In this case, Cat was a vampire slayer while she was half-vampire.  I found her strong and I loved her personality.  She’s such a no-nonsense person but at the same time, super cool because of her powers even though she’s a new vampire and whatnot.  I also found her dedication to her friends and family endearing even though some of her friends (specifically Tate) didn’t even like her husband or that her mother drove her crazy at times or the fact that her dear old uncle, Don, went all secretive on her even after death. 

Actually I think the most interesting books were the last two.  The fifth book really wasn’t that interesting – it was more like I was playing catch up and recalling all the characters and plotlines.  It wasn’t until the sixth book where I was finally like, great, what’s going on now?  Especially the plot with the crazy mad scientist experiments with different species was particularly interesting.  I found myself very engrossed with the story and I was a little disappointed that the last book ended the way it did.  I wish there was more information on life with Katie after the whole incident.  I also wasn’t sure if book 7 was the actual last book in the series or if there will be another book.  It was very vague.

Bones was also a great character.  He actually worked incredibly well with Cat.  They were both very much in love with each other to the point that they can do anything for each other.  It was proven so many times when Cat or Bones had to give up something important just for her.  I mean, Bones even pretended to die just so Cat would be safe.  That’s definitely dedication.  Plus, it helped that he was uber good looking and British.  You really can’t go wrong with that.

I also loved the side characters.  Mencheres, Ian, Spade and Vlad were Bone’s oldest friends and I loved the interaction between them.  Actually I believe Vlad didn’t like Bones but because he ended up founding friendship with Cat, he managed to endure his presence.  Personally I liked Ian best.  He was the only single one and his amusement and humor was to die for.  He wasn’t a huge character in the fifth book but slowly became more important in book six and seven.  Honestly I liked them all.  The female side characters – Kira and Denise were both great but I think Denise was so much cooler.  That one scene when she turned into a dragon was pretty spectacular. 

Overall, great series.  I’m hoping there’s an 8th book but at the same time, I’m totally okay with not having it because there are too many similar books out there.




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