Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Published September 25, 2004

I finally found the seventh book!  Actually apparently I had it in my Kindle from a while back but didn’t realize it until I was searching for something and it popped up…imagine my surprise. 

That being said, I obviously enjoyed this book.  I really liked the dynamic between Dean and Blue.  I especially liked the part when at first Blue decided to pretend that Dean was gay.  It brought a lot of hilarious moments for the first few chapters.  Of course, Dean caught on shortly after.

The one thing I liked about Susan’s books is that the fact that the story doesn’t simply evolve just the two main characters – there are a ton of side characters that bring a lot of depth and more love to the story.  For example, in this book, obviously Dean and Blue fall in love but it’s not just them.  He had to learn how to forgive both his absentee mother and father.  The father and mother also had to learn how to fall back in love with each other after years of hurting each other in the past.  Then there was also the baby sister who only wanted acceptance and love from her family.  And it’s not just this one book that had a lot of great side stories, all of her books had this.  It really made the book seem more lifelike and realistic. 

I especially Dean mainly because he was first introduced in the previous book with Heath and Annabelle as a player because he’s so pretty that he didn’t need to do anything to get the girl.  However, because Blue had a few baggage and wasn’t particularly interested in getting hurt, she kept herself away from him which made him more interested in her.  I guess the saying is true – men like the chase.  And that especially true for Dean.  But what I liked most was how much he grew and changed during the book. 

I also liked Blue a lot.  I found her intriguing and refreshing from some of the other girls in the series (coughJanecoughMollycough).  While she wasn’t sure what she wanted with her life, at least she knew what she didn’t want and that’s something.  I liked her personality and her own charm.  Plus the rapport she had with Dean was nice.

Riley, April and Jack were great secondary characters.  In fact, they felt more like main characters in a way.  I could tell that April and Jack had grew from their young rocker/groupie days and had matured into actual adults.  They were both trying to change for the better.  I’m glad things worked out for them.  I also liked Riley – she was so sweet and innocent and so fragile.  I felt that anything could’ve broken her in the beginning.  How she became more confident was nice to see.  Sometimes you just need the support from those you love to really bloom – and that’s exactly what happened with her.

Overall, great book.  I noticed that there’s going to be an 8th book after 12 years of hiatus.  I’m guessing that this will be with completely new characters – is Phoebe even the owner of the Stars by this point?  I feel like maybe she won’t be…?  Who knows.  I do know that the quarterback has changed, again.  Definitely looking forward to that one.




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