Monday, March 28, 2016

The Lacey Chronicles by Eve Edwards

The Lacey Chronicles by Eve Edwards
Published between 2010-2011

This was a cute series – but I actually considered putting it down because the books didn’t really draw me in as much as I had hoped.  The first book was definitely the most interesting one only because I liked Ellie a lot.  I thought she had a lot of spunk and character even though she was raised by a crazy man who only sought after one thing – the success of alchemy.   Plus the relationship between her and Will was intriguing because he hated her in the beginning but slowly fell in love with her once he got to actually know her and not judge her based on her father.

The second book wasn’t bad either because Jane was introduced in the first book, and even though she came off as somewhat snooty and rude, truth be told, she was actually very sweet and genuine inside.  I guess she just had to put up a front for the people around her.  Plus, I thought James was a great guy to be with.  I was a little sad that so much time had passed between Ellie’s story and Jane’s story but I guess that it made a lot more believable because both Jane and James grew to become more mature.

The last book took me ages to read – I simply wasn’t into it as much.  It wasn’t even about the Lacey brothers anymore – it was about Kit, their estranged/half-brother.  I was really hoping that it would be about Tobias.  But alas.  And the main girl in this book was someone who was completely random – Mercy Hart.  At least for the first two books, the characters were introduced previously so the readers at least got a sense of who they were and whatnot.  For the third book, only Kit was previously introduced and Mercy was brought out of nowhere.  Plus, I didn’t really like her that much.  She was way too innocent and religious for me.  I’m still shocked that Kit, the worldly player (in both sense of the term) fell for her.

Overall, interesting series – definitely not worth your time if you have a ton of books you want to tackle but it was a short read so if you’re down for some light beach or summer read, pick this series up.




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