Monday, March 21, 2016

Strange Angels Series (#4-5) by Lili St. Crow

Strange Angels Series (#4-5) by Lili St. Crow
Published in 2011

I really liked the first three books in this series back when I read them years ago but it still took me a few chapters into the fourth book for me to really remember what went on in the previous books.  Once I got into it though, I remembered why Dru and Graves were so perfect for each other.  I’m definitely a Graves fan and not Christophe.  For some reason, Christophe just didn’t do it for me.  Maybe because he seemed to perfect and too stuck on the old “female half-vampires are amazing and whatnot” mentality that for me to like Dru seemed a little off to me. 

I was a little disappointed that the fourth book didn’t have much Graves in it other than a few mentions but I was glad that he showed up in the last book where it was really important.  I also really liked the wulfen especially Nat with her spunky attitude and no-shit personality.  She was endearing to me and I enjoyed her interaction with Dru even though Dru was technically her “master” and “owner”.  However, they were more like friends.

Dru was a strong female lead but there were definitely a few times when she relied too much on Christophe or the other wulfen to help her.  This was especially true in the fourth book but when the fifth rolled around, I was glad to see that she took matters to her own hand and went out to solve the problem herself.  At the same time, though, I think she picked a bad time to go out on her own.  I thought it was obvious that it was a trick but Dru wasn’t thinking straight and went all out straight into a trap.  I’m just glad that things worked out in the end mainly due to timing (she bloomed right on time to free herself and the others).

The ending in the last book was a bit of a let-down mainly because Dru didn’t pick which guy she wanted.  I mean, she told which guy she loved but then he left to do some soul-searching and didn’t follow him.  Then she turned around and told the other guy that she needs time to think and it was just so vague that it was so disappointing.  Is it too much to ask for to find out who she actually ends up with??

Overall I thought it was a great series with a fabulous last book but a poor last few chapters to tie up Dru’s relationship status.  




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