Monday, March 14, 2016

Scanguards Vampires Series (#1-10) by Tina Folsom

Scanguards Vampires Series (#1-10) by Tina Folsom
Published between 2010-2015

This was definitely one of the fastest paranormal erotica series I have encountered in a while.  I literally sped through 10 books within 2-3 weeks mainly because I’ve been listening to them during my commute and at work (don’t tell anyone).  And I found that I actually really enjoyed this series.  I was expecting one of those series that was a little trashy and more on the erotica side without any real plot but I was surprised to see how much of a plot each book had.  Plus, it also helped that every book was about a different couple within the inner circle of the Scanguards group so their little family grew more and more with each book.  I suppose it was really smart of Tina to come up with this idea because now that she has a fan base for this series, she can literally build this series to a never ending one with new characters and building relationships with old ones.  It’s quite genius, really.

Out of all the books, I don’t think I had a particular favorite one.  There were a few that stood out to me specifically Gabriel’s Mate and Zane’s Redemption only because I thought Gabriel’s story had a huge surprise where I was, like, WTF.  And I liked Zane’s story because he went from this badass to a softie when it came to Portia.  It was quite endearing.  The one book I wasn’t a particular a fan of was Thomas’ Choice only because I realized that I wasn’t a fan of reading about gay sex.  I have nothing against it but listening to it just didn’t really appeal to me.

So the one thing that probably irked me throughout this entire series is the fact that each book has a couple where they literally meet and fall in love within a week and then decide to blood bond which is something for life.  Literally.  You cannot get out of it unless one of you dies.  It just seemed to unrealistic and mind-boggling to me.  How can you fall in love with someone within one week and decide to make such a drastic step for life?  The one book that pretty much circumvented that was Oliver’s Hunger where they actually have a relationship first for some time before tying the knot. 

Overall, I found the series to be overall very entertaining and highly interesting.  The sex scenes were very intense, of course.  I also enjoyed the action scenes a lot especially when someone is getting kidnapped and needs to be rescued.  Now that I think of it, almost all of the books have the girl getting kidnapped and needing to be rescued by the guy…hmm.




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