Friday, March 4, 2016

House of Night Series (#9-12) by P.C. Cast

House of Night Series (#9-12) by P.C. Cast
Published between 2007-2014

All I can say is THANK GOD this series is finally over.  It was starting to drag like no other and if it wasn’t done by Redeemed then I would’ve given up on this series regardless.  Honestly, the plot was starting to be annoying and was taking too long.  I honestly have no idea how PC Cast managed to drag this series for TWELVE books when it could’ve easily finished in, say, five.  But, no, she just had to draggggg it out.

When I picked up book 9, it had been months, possibly at least a year or two, since I read the previous book so it took me some time to remember what the latest plot was and what had happened in the last book.  There were a few things that irked me throughout the books.  Regarding the plot, it was annoying and confusing to see how everything kept going back and forth.  Something happened then something un-happened or someone did this but then someone else un-did it.  It was just so complicated and irritating.  For example, Zoey’s boyfriend or boyfriends?  In the really beginning of the series, it was Eric then it was Heath then it was Stark because Heath died but then Heath un-died by appearing in Aurox, this supposedly evil vessel concocted from Neferet.  I mean, honestly, can this plot get any more murky and outlandish?

Then, another main issue was the language used.  Oh my god, I have no idea where the author is from, but I don’t think the characters in this book sound as if they’re from the Midwest or from the south other than the fact that they use “y’all” a lot.  To be perfectly frank, they all sound as if they’re from the hood.  And that’s not a good thing.  It just failed to really sense their character building.  It might not have bothered me as much in the past but now that I’m older (and therefore, somewhat more knowledgeable/wiser), it irked me a lot more.  Or maybe they really do talk as if they’re from the hood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Not to mention, the fact that Zoey refused to curse and thus invented random words such as bullpoopie seemed so childish and immature.  There are so many ways to circumvent a curse word yet the author chose bullpoopie to be it.  I mean, really?!

Now that I’ve vented out my two major frustrations, I can move on to the two things that I actually appreciated in this book. The first was the character development.  This is not the character building but how these characters grew.  The major one was Kalona.  He was depicted as an ally of the Darkness and did everything he could to destroy Zoey and her friends.  Yet by the last two books, he chose Light and really changed.  He learned to help others, care about others, and, ultimately, ask for forgiveness from the Goddess he so dearly loved.  He was actually my favorite character in the last few books.  The way how he changed warmed me.  And the way how the others forgave him despite everything he did in the past was heartwarming. 

The other thing I actually enjoyed was Nyx.  Even though she’s depicted as a pagan goddess (in layman term), in many ways she reminded me of God.  I grew up in a Christian family so I know a lot of the principals and beliefs in the Christian religion.  The way how Nyx offered them free will and allowed them to choose Light and Dark without interference reminded me of God.  It was just interesting see the similarities between the two religions especially with the Cherokee influence as well.

Overall, there were a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy about this book but then there were also the few things that I enjoyed.  I’m just really glad that this series is finally over so I can move on with my life and better books.




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