Friday, March 11, 2016

Delcroix Academy Series #2 by Inara Scott

Delcroix Academy Series #2 by Inara Scott
Published April 3, 2012

For some reason, the Goodreads page for this book has the summary written in German even though it’s the US version.  So I was a little confused.  Also, this is the second book of the Delcroix Academy series but apparently, the author and the publisher gave up after this book so even though there is a cliffhanger, the series is done.  That annoys me to no end.  Really, what is this nonsense?  So already this book has a few major no-no’s going on. 

That being said, I did enjoy the first book and apparently gave it a 4* back when I read it eons ago so I was hoping for something amazing as well for the second book.  Alas, that was not to be the case.  While it wasn’t a terrible book, the book just seemed to lack a lot of action and there didn’t really seem to be a point.  Someone on Goodreads commented that it felt as if it was book one again and that’s the truth.  It really did.  Other than the fact that the Dancia now knew what the school was really all about, the way how the story progressed could have easily been the first book.

The characters didn’t seem to be developed in any way.  I wasn’t a fan of Dancia or Jack or even Cam.  I think I might’ve liked them a little more in the first book only because there was Jack and he added some character personality to the whole story.  Unfortunately in the second book, other than a few mentions and a phone call or two from him, he was basically nonexistent.  Also, none of the secondary characters struck any sort of interest with me either.  It was a little disappointing to be honest.  I suppose I can see why the second book sort of flopped which is why neither the author nor the publisher wanted to release a third book but at the same time, at least finish the goddamn story and not leave major plot holes covered.

The plot, like mentioned, was honestly just meh to me.  The few action scenes were randomly inserted seemed out of the loop from the rest of the plot and didn’t really make much sense there.  There were also a lot of plotlines that were introduced in the book but had no conclusion to them.

Overall, the book was a let-down.  I expected something more only because I liked the first book.  Plus, the synopsis was interesting and there was a lot of potential.  I guess the author didn’t pull through.




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