Monday, February 1, 2016

Tempest Trilogy by Tracy Deebs

Tempest Trilogy by Tracy Deebs
Published between 2011-2013

I’m definitely a fan of mermaid books and there really aren’t too many fabulous ones out there.  This trilogy was actually not too bad.  The characters were decently developed, the plot had full of action and romance, and the pacing was overall not too bad.  However, there was just something about it that didn’t quite make it for me.  Perhaps it was the lack of overview and resolution between Tempest and her mother, perhaps it was the lack of an ending I approved or perhaps it was the fact that she picked the wrong guy.  Either way, while most of the book was engaging and interesting, once I was finished, I was a little disappointed.

Tempest has one of the oddest names I have ever encountered.  In fact, other than Mark, her human boyfriend, her human friends and her father, literally everyone had odd names.  Her brothers were called Rio and Moku – somehow they sound Hawaiian to me.  I’m really not sure if I thought her name was a good play on words or because the author chose it since she’s half mermaid but it’s definitely a little strange.  Not that strange is a bad thing.  Anyways, I definitely thought she was a strong character – she was always capable of standing up for herself while trying to protect her family and friends.  I also enjoyed reading about her multitude of powers and how she came into them. 

The one thing I didn’t really like about her was her wishy washy-ness.  Honestly, she couldn’t decide anything major for her life.  First, she couldn’t figure out who to save which cost her mother’s life.  Then, she couldn’t figure out who she liked so she kept going back and forth between the selkie prince or her human boyfriend.  It was honestly quite frustrating and at the very end, she ended up with the one that I didn’t think suited her that well.  And then finally, she couldn’t decide whether or not to stay human or mermaid or somewhere in between.  She knew her unwillingness to let her human side go was jeopardizing her family and ultimately, it almost cost her brother’s life.  Granted it’s a tough decision but if she was as invested in saving the merworld then that was a decision she had to make.  Even at the end, she didn’t really choose which kind of annoyed me.

The two guys, Mark and Kona (again, strange name), were both incredibly different and called to Tempest in two different directions – the human world and the merworld.  Yet because she couldn’t decide which to live at, she also couldn’t decide which guy to be with.  While I liked their overall protectiveness for Tempest, in a way, they were both incredibly pigheaded and Neanderthal in their way.  Especially Kona with his prince like stubbornness.  At the same time, though, I can understand their need to protect her because they love her.

The ending was a major bummer.  Despite the fact that she picked the wrong guy, there wasn’t much information on her family.  Especially after she found out who Sabrina, her dad’s girlfriend, really was, there was zero information on how they handled it nor what they did when they found out.  In fact, there was one sentence about dad’s new girlfriend and that was it.  Plus, there was no mention about Tempest’s tumultuous relationship with one of her brother.  It was as if everything ended half empty.

Overall, it was a decent series – still looking for that fabulous mermaid series though.  Also, quick thing, the last book cover literally has a 12 year old girl on it.  It looks way too unbelievable for me that she's supposed to be a 18-19 years old by that time.




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