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So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti
Published May 3, 2011

I’ve always enjoyed Susane’s books so this book was a little of a let-down since I had expected a little more oomph to it.  All of her other books were just so much more interesting whereas this one, for some reason, seemed a little childish and immature in terms of plot, character and writing.

The synopsis looked interesting – girl liked a boy, followed him to NYC, drama ensued, realized things don’t always end up the way you want them to, etc.  However, I found the execution of the book to be meh.  Granted, it was a light and entertaining read but I was just expecting more.  There were a few things that didn’t make sense to me.  Yes, I get that Brooke really liked Scott – liked him enough to follow him to NYC and once she confessed to him, and they started dating, what did she expect exactly?  After a month or so, she started pressuring him to figure out what their future was.  Girl.  You were only with him for a month or so, maybe two, and you’re already trying to figure out your future with your boyfriend?  You’re both in high school.  It’s a little early for that, don’t you think?

And while the characters were interesting to read about – I really liked John, actually – they all seemed a little one dimensional.  Even Brooke, to be perfectly honest, but at least she was the most developed.  The friends Brooke left behind in NJ, her supposed “best friends”, pretty much disappeared from her life once she moved to NYC.  There were snippets of their conversations after the move but they all seemed very stilted and forced.  For best friends, their conversations seemed fake.  And the friends she made in NYC, Sadie and John, were much more interesting and fun but they both lacked depth.  Essentially, all I got from them was that Sadie liked to help people and write these “warm fuzzies” and John had problems focusing and was “in love” with Brooke.  Actually, that was another thing I didn’t get.  I feel like there was little interaction between Brooke and John other than the tutoring sessions at school and at the High Line and outside excursions that included Sadie.  I mean, it was obvious he liked her, I just don’t understand why he liked her or how for that matter.

As for the writing, I felt as if some of the chapters were all over the place.  It didn’t seem to be as smooth as her previous novels.  There was one scene especially where Brooke came home and randomly exploded at her father for not being there when she needed him and why did he do the things he did to break up their family, etc.  It was stuff that should’ve been said at the beginning when she first moved in or there should have been some sort of buildup to it.  Instead, there was just random hints about how he was never there when she went home but she didn’t seem particularly upset about it.  And there was nothing really about her father’s affair and the impact that it caused her until that sudden flare up.  It was very odd and seemed disconnected with the rest of the book.

Overall, it was an okay book.  Like I said previously, it was still entertaining and very light-hearted but I think that was all there was to it.  I’m hoping that her other books will be on the same level as her previous books I had read in the past because those were really good.  




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