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Scarred by Joanne Macgregor

Scarred by Joanne Macgregor
Published Sept. 29, 2015

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this book.  Typically, I’m not super into books about someone who survived some sort of accident and is trying to recuperate from it.  I guess I would consider these books as some sort of “healing” fiction where the character undergoes some sort of physical or mental pain and tries to move on from it.  In this book, Sloane experienced both.  She now has a scar marring one side of her face from the accident and she also lost her mom, her friends and her swimming from it which caused a huge emotional and mental impact on her.  This book essentially follows the aftermath of it and how she attempts to deal with it.

I’m actually not so sure about Sloane, to be perfectly honest.  A part of me really admired her – her courage to move on even though it was hard.  But at the same time, I found her weak and silly.  Even after she and Luke realized that the accident was just an accident and after she found out that Luke didn’t realize that she was the one who had veered away from the two kids, she spent months debating if she should tell him.  I honestly didn’t see what the big deal was.  Yes, she was the one who veered away and hit his brother but one, she didn’t even see his brother there so she did what any sane person would do – veer away from the people she could see - and two, the accident would’ve caused two deaths instead of one.  And then after she finally told him and he was pissed at her and started dating someone else, she just pined after him like no other and didn’t even try to persuade him to forgive her.  Even her best friend was telling her to move on rather than stare at him every single time.

And Luke, what do I even say about him.  I found him to be kind of a jerk from the very beginning and throughout the entire book.  At least he realized he was a jerk and forgave her mom regarding the accident in the beginning but then, once she revealed that she was the one who veered towards his brother, he was a jerk again.  He was just so stubborn and stupid that he couldn’t see that it was just an accident and that she lost as much as he did, if not more, because she had to give up her dream to become an Olympic swimmer as well as her mom.  It wasn’t until the ending with the incident that he finally realized that he was a jerk and wanted to forgive her.  I can’t believe she took him back. 

The plot was a decent, overall.  It was written in both of their perspective which I liked but I found Luke’s POV to be very sporadic.  There wasn’t a clear, alternating chapters.  Instead, it was of more Sloane’s perspective for x number of chapters and then one of Luke’s chapter stuck in there and then back to Sloane.  I wish there was more of Luke’s perspective especially in the beginning and I wish his chapters were a little longer.

As a whole, I did enjoy the book.  I did find the romance between Luke and Sloane to be both endearing and exasperating though.  I also wish the ending was a little more written out with a little more information on the aftermath of the incident and the situation between the two of them.  I would recommend this book if you’re interested in a short read.  




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