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Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby

Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby
Published June 9, 2011

I’ve been waiting for this book possibly for the longest time ever.  It was available in my library yet after months of waiting, I was giving up when suddenly, I got a notification that the book was finally in transit.  It was mind-blowing, I tell you.

Anyways, I’ve read one or two of Amanda’s other books in the past and I enjoyed her humor and writing so I was expecting something similar from this book.  That being said, this book was cute but perhaps I am growing old but it didn’t strike me the same way that her previous novels did.  It’s not exactly a bad thing but Fairy Bad Day just seemed a tad bit more childish to me.  I think I’m just getting old…

Emma, the bad-ass fairy slayer, always wanted to be a dragon slayer like her famous mother but things happened and she got put in the fairy slayer category.  I actually liked the normal fairies in this book – they reminded me of mischievous pixies or little brothers.  It was endearing to see how they tried to be bad but in reality, they just wanted to chill and have a good time.  I also liked how they were brave at the end despite not liking humans but they still wanted to keep the human world intact rather than blow up to pieces by their evil brothers. 

Anyways, I’m not sure if I particularly liked Emma.  She seemed very self-absorbed in the first half of the book especially after she didn’t get her dragon slaying title.  However, towards the second half, I felt that she grew up.  She was having family problems too because her father had married someone new after her mother died.  But she couldn’t bring herself to understand how her father could be moving on nor could she bring herself to even like Olivia, her new stepmom.  While solving the whole evil fairy problem, she realized that her father would never stop loving her mother despite the new wife and coming kid and started to reconnect with her family.  Then, the way she treated Curtis after he got the dragon slaying title was just immature and childish.  It wasn’t his fault he got the title – it was just the results from the tests they all took.  Yet she took it out on him. 

The other side characters in this book – Curtis, Trevor and Loni – were interesting but didn’t have much character depth.  They were mostly just there for entertainment and to make Emma a little more well-rounded.  Trevor was the comedic side kick, Loni was the techie, and Curtis was the typical good-looking guy.  Their roles were pretty cliché, to be honest. 

The storyline was highly entertaining – there were a lot of candy involved, crazy stun guns, interesting cutlery, and, of course, the typical romance between Curtis and Emma.  The candy aspect was particularly funny.  I still found it doubtful that candy can harm anyone or anything but I guess this is what imagination is for, right?

Overall, amusing story with interesting characters.  It was definitely a little cliché and a tad childish but, overall, not bad.




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