Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The VV Inn Series (#.1-4) by C.J. Ellison

The VV Inn Series by C.J. Ellison
Published between 2010-2013

This series has an odd way of numbering their books especially with the last one I read – Death Times Two.  It said it was book #4 but then I saw that it was book #3.5 since it’s technically a novella.  However, then I noticed that the next book in the series is book #5.  What.  With that being said, I did enjoy the books.  They were definitely on the fluff side of things with a lot of erotica involved (more so than I had expected) with a side of violence.

Vivian, the main character in this series, is a vampire that is fed on lust which soon becomes obvious with her lust-filled desires.  I swear, I don’t think I have ever read a book where the MC is literally sex-crazed.  Literally every other page was her thinking about sex or actually having sex.  And then every other page in between those pages was violence concocted by either another vampire or a werewolf or something.  Other than her lust-filled desires, I did think her personality was pretty decent for a vampire.  She showed a lot of loyalty to her seethe even though originally she didn’t want one; she made sure that everyone’s free will was intact even though the members in her seethe technically belong to her, both body and mind; and she cared about her human employees to the point of giving them her protection by offering tiny amounts of her blood in the water system but making sure she never once fed from them to keep their free will intact.  I can definitely respect a gal like that.

Her other seethe members includes Jonathan (her werewolf vampire servant), Asa, Drew, Paul and her human mate, Rafe.  The first book really didn’t touch too much on her other members other than Jonathan and Rafe because the other three didn’t become part of her seethe until sometime in the first book.  Then the second book and consequently those after that had alternating POVs with all of her seethe members.  I actually really liked that because it allowed me to understand the other character’s views and opinions.

Out of all of her members, I liked Jonathan most even though he lusted after Vivian like no other despite the fact that she is monogamous to her mate, Rafe.  However, despite his lustfulness, he still tried his best to not have it impact his relationship with Vivian.  The prequel book, Death’s Servant, delves into the history of how Jonathan became Vivian’s servant.  It definitely showed a rowdier side of Jonathan because in that book, he thought with his libido half the time whereas in the rest of the series, he’s more level-headed and mature.

Asa, Drew and Paul were also interesting secondary characters.  Each of them had their own unique set of skills minus Paul since he was very recently turned and used to be an overweight chef.  So other than his skills for cooking, he was just kind of there.  Rafe, the human mate, was portrayed as the calmer half of the relationship with Vivian until in book three where his vicious, cold-blooded killing self came out. I was definitely a little surprised but at the same time, he was doing so to save Vivian.

The plot throughout the series was definitely interesting with various stories and whatnot.  I looked for the fifth (?) book but was unable to find it online nor at the library and I am not so invested in this series to shell out money.  With that being said, I will probably end the series here and hope for the best for Vivian and her seethe.




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