Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rhiannon's Law (#1-3) by J.A. Saare

Rhiannon's Law (#1-3) by J.A. Saare
Published between 2010-2012

Personally, I really enjoyed this series and I’m sad/angry that the author has not been able to finish the fourth book for over 3 years.  I saw that quite a number of people didn’t enjoy the book on Goodreads but since I tend to enjoy all Urban Fantasy books, I thought this was quite interesting.

Rhiannon, the main character in this series, is someone I have mixed feelings for.  I really enjoyed her in the first book because she was the badass female with no qualms about giving people what they deserved; however, towards the second and third book, she became more of a damsel in distress at times and she lost some of that badass self that I respected.  Of course, she wasn’t always a damsel in distress, there were still times when she proved herself to be that powerful, kickass main character but she started to rely on Goose and Disco, especially Disco, to get her out of sticky situations.

Disco, the main male character and also a vampire, was great in the first book.  He was almost nonexistent in the second and in the third, I started to dislike him.  Also, what kind of name is Disco? I enjoyed him in the first book because he was ever the gentleman and he respected Rhiannon’s space and need to learn how to trust him.  In the second book, because Rhiannon was in the future, he was only mentioned and there was no actual interaction between him and Rhiannon.  However, in the third book, he completely violated her trust in him and used her to get what he wanted.  When he did that, I was shocked.  I mean, I understood his anger but there’s a fine line between acting out in anger and acting out in vengeance due to anger and he did just that.  After that, I couldn’t quite see him the same way and neither could Rhiannon.  Until she forgave him.  I’m not so sure if that was such a good idea but who knows, maybe she’ll un-forgive him in the fourth book but at the rate that the author is writing her books, that might be ages from now.

The secondary characters such as Goose (hilarious name and real name: Ethan) and Paine were great.  I enjoyed reading about them in the first and last book but in the second book, both characters showed a negative side.  Granted, it wasn’t entirely their fault – it was more of the situation that was dealt out to them.  Nevertheless, I wish some of their actions were a little different because that way, the drama in book three would have been less acute.

The plot of the book was also a hit or miss at some areas.  At times, it was great – I loved reading about Rhia’s necromancer powers, the many demon deals, and all the craziness that went with the territory.  At the same time, though, it was a little confusing.  I definitely felt as if there were some major plot holes or a distinct lack of explanations on some scenes.  Perhaps everything will be explained in the fourth book? Or perhaps not.

Overall, decent series – I still really enjoy Urban Fantasies so this was still a good series for me.  I’ll try to wait for the fourth book and currently on Goodreads, it says expected publication date is 2016 so hopefully the wait will not be too long.




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