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Dreamcatcher Series (#1-#2) by Vicki Leigh

Dreamcatcher Series by Vicki Leigh
Published between 2014-2015

This review will mainly focus on the second book due to the fact that I am writing a review for the publishers.  However, since I had to read the first book as well, I will also mention parts of the first book in this review.

I honestly enjoyed both books – I thought the pace of the book, the plot and the characters were wonderfully crafted.  The pace was not too fast.  There were definitely a lot of action in both books but it was never overwhelming.  The only thing I thought was a little overwhelming was the characters.  I’m not referring to the main or secondary characters but the many Protectors and Magus that were part of the battle.  There were just so many and obviously, since it was a war, many died and others replaced them so there were always new characters coming in and it was difficult to keep track of all of them.  Of course, this wasn’t a big deal but at the same time, it was sometimes a little confusing and I had to backtrack a little to recall who that person was.

The plot was also highly interesting.  There was always so much stuff going on – battles, mock battles, demons, magic, etc.  I definitely felt was if the plot was a little darker in the second book compared to the first especially since the first book was mostly about finding Kayla, falling in love with her, finding th other special ones, etc. and it was really the second book where everything really started.  There were also so many obstacles that Daniel and his group faced that honestly, I was losing hope in him and his crew.  Nothing ever really seemed to end well with him.  Just when something ended, something else happened and it’s a massacre.  From merely saving Kayla from the Nightmares to finding out a traitor in the group (multiple times actually!) to friends being ripped apart right in front of them.  The list can go on and on. 

Daniel, the main character in this series, is your typical tough guy who has been dead for hundreds of years and now fights to protect the living from Nightmares.  I did enjoy reading about his character and thought he was well–developed.  It was clear what his priorities were even after falling in love with Kayla.  At the same time though, there were many times when he had to leave comrades behind yet would go back and save his best friend.  It just made me wonder: if you could go back and save your best friends, why couldn’t you save one or two more comrades instead of leaving them to die?  I know there were times when he simply couldn’t due to lack of time but yet somehow found the time and strength to save Kayla or his best friends.  That was one part that stood out to me.

Kayla, the girl of his dreams, actually was not that well-developed.  I thought Daniel’s Protector friends – such as Samantha, Seth, Tabbi, etc. - much more developed which is surprising since she is supposedly the object of Daniel’s thoughts.  However, I think that was also the problem.  Because everything about Kayla was from Daniel’s perspective, Kayla herself didn’t seem to grow in the readers’ eyes.  That being said, I still enjoyed her character yet her character development could have been improved.

I loved the secondary characters specifically Samantha, Seth, and the crew.  I also grew to enjoy reading about Nolan in the second book.  They all had a lot of great personality and spunk.  I loved how they were all essentially like family and that despite their numerous arguments and spats between one another; they would fight for each other to the death. 

Overall, fabulous series.  I think there might be a third book due to the fact that the second book has a weird, cliff-hanger ending so hopefully I will be able to read more about Daniel and Kayla.  




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