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Dangerous by Shannon Hale

Dangerous by Shannon Hale
Published March 4, 2014

I was decently surprised by this book.  There were definitely a lot of ups and downs with this book and definitely a lot of confusion (in a good way!).  To be perfectly honest, after reading some of the reviews, I didn’t really know what to expect but since I’m always down for a sci-fi plus romance book, I decided to delve in regardless.

Maisie is the MC in this book.  I actually kind of liked her – I liked her courage and her ability to remain true to herself despite everything that had happened.  She definitely grew a lot during the book – to be utterly cliché, she basically found herself.  Her honesty was refreshing and even though there were parts in the book where her true age was obvious, I was still shocked to find that everyone was in middle school. 

There were a lot of aspects in this book that would have been a lot better if everyone was in high school.  Once I found out their actual ages, the romance seemed way too ridiculous as well as the action and responsibility the adults placed on these 12-13 year old kids. There was no way in hell that a 12 or 13 year old girl is that mature with her parents - figuring out how to stay alive while simultaneously protecting her parents and best friend, juggling the random alien superpowers she had received, her on-and-off budding romance with Wilder, etc.  This book would have 100x better if the characters were older and therefore made more sense with everything that was going on with this novel.

The other characters – Wilder, Mi-Sun, Jacques, Ruth and Luther – were pretty one-dimensional except for Wilder only due to the fact that Maisie was infatuated with him and therefore had tons of details to share.  However, everyone was pretty stereotypically cliché.  Wilder was the typical hot, rich boy with a rough background, Mi-Sun was the studious and shy Asian girl, Jacques was the angry and crude black kid, Ruth was the hot-tempered red-headed girl and Luther was the best friend who fell in love with Maisie.  I wish the characters could have been a little less cliché because they’re overdone.

The romance between Maisie and Wilder was better suited for an older couple.  Some of the stuff they shared and did together was way too mature for 13 year olds.  I can honestly say that when I was 13, I and the people around me were most definitely not at that maturity level yet. 

The setting of this book was a little odd – I couldn’t 100% figure out if it was set in present time since there was definitely a likeness to it; however, at the same time, some of the technology that HAL had was seemingly way too high tech for today.  I wish it was clearer.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the plot.  It was definitely fucking weird as hell.  That’s not to say it wasn’t interesting because it definitely was but it was extremely odd.  The beginning was pretty good and so was the ending but the middle of the book was a little strange.  There were times when there were too much useless details so it dragged a little and then other times, there weren’t enough details.  It definitely was not consistent so the book itself was sometimes a little difficult to understand and follow. 

Overall, while it wasn’t a great book but it definitely hit the notes for sci-fi and romance so I can’t be too mad at that.  I just wish that the characters were older and the plot was a little less choppy.  Otherwise, decent book.




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