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Daath Chronicles (#1-2.5) by Eliza Tilton

Daath Chronicles (#1-2.5) by Eliza Tilton
Published between 2013-2015

Since I received the novella, Deadly Dance, in exchange for a review, I will be focusing this review on that book rather than the whole series.  I will, obviously, touch briefly on the first two books as well. 

Moving along: the first book started off a little slow – I actually considered putting it down because it was going so slowly and I was also busy with some other books.  However, I’m glad I actually finished all three books to the point that I’m looking forward to the final book in the series.  Personally, I found the second book, Wicked Path, much better than the first book and the novella mainly because the characters have developed by then and the plot becomes a little clearer.

There are many main characters in this series with multiple POVs specifically: Avikar, Jeslyn, Lucino, and finally Derrick in the novella.  To be perfectly honest, I did not find Avikar to be that great.  He was supposed to be this brother, Jeslyn’s brother, who went out to find his kidnapped sister and save her from the clutches of an evil king, Lucino.  However, to me he was a tad wimpy and confused.  He was also immensely jealous during the second book with Raven’s childhood friend.  There were just so many negative traits about him that I did not care for. 

Jeslyn, the kidnapped girl, was also not what I had expected; however, she certainly did grow in the second book.  She went from a young, immature female in the first book and once learning more about reality and life, she became more realistic and mature in the second book.  I definitely found her more likable.

Lucino was a surprising twist.  I went in expecting to dislike him and I did, in the first half of the book.  However, towards the second half and definitely by the second book, I actually realized that I enjoyed his character.  It was obvious how much he had changed from the cold, unfeeling prince to someone who actually learned how to have emotions and ultimately, feel love. 

In the novella, it mostly focused on Derrick and Lucy but the book was written in Derrick’s POV.  He was originally a secondary character in the first book with no mention in the second book so I was surprised to see him show up in the novella.  Perhaps he will become more important in the third and final book.  The same goes for Lucy.  She was possibly a bit more important than Derrick in the series because she made a few appearances in the second book but, to be perfectly honest, she didn’t seem that important either. 

To me, the novella seemed odd.  It didn’t really follow the main plot and instead, followed two secondary characters on a path that seems out of the blue.  From my experience, novellas either play a part in between the actual books or they go into detail about an incident that was described in the one of the main books.  The latter seems pretty much out of the question for now since it occurs after the second book in the series so I’m banking on the first theory.  Either Derrick and Lucy will become more important in the final novel or this novella was a waste for both time and effort.  That being said, I do hope that Derrick and Lucy will end up together.  That will be perfect for Lucy who made her opinions on humans quite clear.

Overall, I enjoyed the series.  I’m actually looking forward to the final book mainly because I want to see the relationship between three couples develop (!!) and also because I just want to find out the end result.  Also, I want to note that the Reptilian species was actually not what I had expected.  I was definitely expecting some sort of lizard man with a tail and everything but in the second book and in the novella, Lucino and Lucy actually transforms into their other look and they actually sound quite pretty.  




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