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Blue Bloods Series (#6-7) by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods Series (#6-7) by Melissa de la Cruz
Published between 2011-2013

This has been one of those series that I feel has been ongoing for numerous of years now.  I think, finally, the 7th book is the last one.  I really hope so because, honestly, I can’t continue waiting years upon years for the next book.  By then, I usually forget parts, if not all, of the major plotlines and I have to hope for the best.  Thankfully, within a few chapters or at least the first quarter of the book, I tend to recall some of the plot and characters.  Also, because of the fact that these books are set so far apart, I felt like the series was starting to drag.  I’ve only continued to read the books because I still want to know the final ending plus I dislike starting a series and then finishing it halfway.  I suppose that makes me loyal. 

With that being said, I definitely felt that the last three books were starting to drag especially in books 5 and 6.  I think book 7 was a little better because I could tell (or at least hoping) that the story was starting to conclude and I was anticipating the great finale. 

One of the things I really dislike about the book is the jumping of time.  It’s so confusing especially with the fact that the Blue Bloods had different names in each life cycle and the fact that there are so many time cycles, that it becomes incredibly confusing and hard to follow.  Other than the names of this life cycle, half the time, I’m like, wait, who is that?  Oh.  It’s just Gabrielle/Michael/any other angel in a different cycle.  And by the time I get that, half of that particular scene is over.  I just wish that the author was more clear on who was who and sometimes, she was but majority of the time, it was readers, go figure it out yourself.

Schuyler – I suppose she was the main character throughout the series but again, it’s hard to pick out exactly who the main character was supposed to be since after book 3 or 4, there are so many important other characters (Mimi, Jack, Oliver, Bliss, etc.) and most of the books rotate on multiple different POVs that it also becomes confusing.  But, getting back to Schuyler, can I just say that I didn’t particularly like her?  While I admire her courage, her loyalty to Oliver, and her love to Jack, I dislike the rest of her.  Her friendship and loyalty to Oliver was nice but I still think she treated him as if he was a doormat especially after his feelings towards her became known.  I mean, she essentially still called him when she was feeling down and then still expected him to show up right away.  Personally I thought that was a little insensitive.  And her love to Jack was also the catalyst of all of their problems.  If she had left him alone, there wouldn’t be a problem between him and Mimi, his twin angel throughout the ages, and then there probably wouldn’t have been such a huge problem with the Fallen and Lucifer.  Plus, I thought their love was a little cliché and didn’t have much depth to it.

To be honest, I disliked Mimi from the beginning but I actually came to respect her towards the last few books.  She honestly grew up and matured.  She realized that things don’t always go her way and she learned to think of others.  Granted, half of the time, she would figure it out last minute but hey, at least she figured it out.  And while she matured, she still had that ruthless streak that allowed her to accomplish what was right. 

As for the other characters, I’m not going to go into detail but 1) I didn’t particularly like Jack.  He seemed to me as the typical good looking, rich kid who somehow “fell in love” with the plain, new girl.  2) I actually really enjoyed reading about Oliver but I thought he should have stood up for himself a little more rather than being treated like a doormat by Schuyler and as a servant by Mimi.  3) Bliss also grew a lot throughout the books.  She was a little more on the secondary side but she definitely matured and figured about herself along the way. 

Overall, while the first few books were quite interesting, the rest of the series started to drag a little.  It would have been 10x better if the author managed to condense the last 2-3 books into one or something.  




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