Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monthly Summary: October 2015

It's that time of the month again!  This time I'll be posting books I've read/reviewed, books I've received this past month as well as books I picked up but didn't finish.  And once again, let me know what you've read this month as well!

This month has been incredibly slow mainly because I decided to reread two series...Outlander series (because I just finished watching the first season of the TV show so now I have to reread the whole series just because) and Harry Potter (because one of my book club decided to reread the whole series on a whim). And for those who know the Outlander series, each book is literally 800-900 pages long. Which means the total number of books I've read this month is minuscule.

Books I've read/reviewed:

1) Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 4/5

3) What We Knew by Barbara Stewart

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 3/5

5) I'll Be There (I'll Be There #1) by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Didn't realize there was a second book out until after I finished so now I'm trying to read the second book while also simultaneously rereading the two series....so the review for this series will be out once I finish the second novel.

Still one of the best series I have read in my entire life.  There are probably only 4-5 series that I honestly still love to this day and this is definitely one of them.  

**this is a reread

7) Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander #2) by Diana Gabaldon

The beginning was weird but I still loved it.  I just wish that there was more of Jamie and Claire during their 20s.

**this is a reread

As always, still a great book.

**this is a reread

Review will come shortly.

Books I couldn't finish:

1) About a Girl (Metamorphoses #3) by Sarah McCarry

Just realized that this book is actually book 3 in a series but somehow this book seemed extremely different than the first two novels.  Granted, I haven't read the other two books yet but they're urban fantasy whereas this one is more of a realistic, LGBT book.  Anyways, I couldn't really get into it so I dropped it after reading the first few chapters.  Maybe someone else will have better luck with it?

I tried, I really did.  This book even seemed like something I would be interested in but the writing style and the pace just didn't click with me.  I gave up after about two chapters.

3) Agents of the Internet Apocalypse: A Novel (Internet Apocalypse #2) by Wayne Gladstone

This started off as a very interesting book and then after a few chapters, I realized I couldn't be bothered with it.  Then I went on Goodreads, realized that it was actually the second book, then decided to hell with it because I really do dislike reading books that are in a middle of a series especially if you actually need to read the first book before understanding a lot of the plot.  I'm hoping that maybe my friend will be interested so she can read and guest review it on here.

I feel bad.  I didn't realize how many books I usually start and then give up within a few chapters but now that I've started keeping track, I realized that I do this a lot.  Oh well.  I need more time for better books anyways.  I thought this book would be more interesting but upon opening the book, I realized that the protagonist was only 14 years old and had nothing I could relate to so, alas, I set this book aside.

That's it!  Hopefully November will be a busier month for me in terms of reading but as of right now, I have my doubts since the holidays are approaching and there are so many things going on especially in NYC.


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