Monday, October 12, 2015

What We Knew by Barbara Stewart

What We Knew by Barbara Stewart
Published July 14, 2015

This was by far the lowest rated book I have found on Goodreads (under a 3) and have actually picked up.  However, I am glad to say that it was not as terrible as everyone else made it out to be.  Yes, it was confusing and yes, the writing was a little choppy but I thought that the premise was fine and the relationships of the characters weren’t terrible.

Let’s start with what I liked with this book – I liked the suspense of the book and how the author was slowly revealing the reality of what was going on versus what we thought was going on by using the creepy man in the woods.  I thought it was done well and I didn’t know what was really going on until the end when it was revealed.  That’s when you know the suspense and unrevealing was done well.  No one likes to be spoiled with the ending before even getting to the actual ending.

Another aspect that I liked was the friendship between Lisa and Sarah and the “relationship” between Sarah and Foley.  I thought they were done well and it was relatively realistic especially Sarah’s friendship with Lisa.  Best friends always have their ups and downs and they certainly did.  It was nicely portrayed and the reader, aka me, was able to really understand the depth of their relationship. I also thought that the “relationship” between Sarah and Foley was also realistic.  I mean, yes, it was a little cheesy and whatnot but I felt that the author portrayed the awkwardness of high school romances really well.  I had to remember that they are high schoolers and therefore, immature about relationships and Sarah and Foley’s relationship definitely hit that nail on the head.

There were also a few things I didn’t like so much about this book – mostly the characters themselves, the pace of the book and the writing style.  I felt as if they were always smoking and drinking and sleeping with people here and there and that was their entire life.  It felt so pointless and I felt as if their lives were being wasted away.  Maybe my high school years were just very different but I just can’t imagine spending a whole summer doing nothing but just smoking and drinking.  Also, the other part was the pace.  I thought it was very slow and writing to be a little choppy.  It made the book, overall, difficult to get into. 

Honestly, the only reason why I finished this book was because of the Banana Man.  I thought it was going to end one way but it completely veered off to a different path which blew my mind.  I’m not sure if I enjoyed the ending, per say, but it was just very different than what I had imagined.




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