Friday, October 9, 2015

Shadow Walker by L.A. Banks

Shadow Walker by L.A. Banks
Published November 11, 2010

This book was a little difficult to get into because they were just so many characters introduced right from the beginning and so many uncles and aunts and cousins that it was a little confusing.  To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t until I finished the book and read the glossary on the Neteru compound families that I really understood who everyone was.  Obviously, I knew the main character and her inner circle of family and friends but then there were the outer family and friends that I wasn’t so sure about.

Regardless of that confusing, I honestly really enjoyed this book.  I realized after reading the book that there was actually a whole series about Sarah’s mom, Damali, and her generation of Neteru team.  I was thinking of picking up that series as well just because I enjoyed this book but after reading some of the current/top reviews of the first few novels, I might end up skipping it.  Plus I have way too many other books I need to read anyways.

Also, I just realized upon further inspection that the author, L.A. Banks died about a year after this book was published which actually makes a lot of sense because it felt as if this book could have turned into a series but obviously, it didn’t.  I wish it did though because I now feel invested with some of these characters and want to learn more about them.  Unfortunately life is not fair.

Sarah, the main character in this book, was someone I 80% liked and enjoyed reading about and 20% thought she was annoying.  Why?  Mainly because of her personality sometimes – while I enjoyed her loyalty to her friends and family, I found her inability to understand where some of her friends were coming from annoying.  In a way, I thought she was a little stuck up and worst part was that she didn’t even realize it.  She felt it upon herself to meddle in her friend’s affair and even stalked her friend to make sure she was fine.  Okay, yes, obviously you should care about your friend but there is that line between caring and smothering and I don’t think she realized that.  Other than that though, I thought she was pretty cool.  Plus, she came into some kickass abilities that were pretty awesome. 

The one downside to this book was the language and writing style.  I’m not sure if it was because the author was black but a lot of the lingo used here were very slang and ghetto.  I found it odd because this book is set after the Armageddon which meant that somehow slang and ghetto terminology survived while proper and normal English didn’t?  I honestly found the language to be a little disruptive to an otherwise pretty good book.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would have been interested to read a sequel.  I found the different creatures to be fascinating and all of the mixed lineage to be very interesting.  I mean, there were kids who were half Valkyrie and half vampire.  How awesome is that?  




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