Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn

Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn
Published June 9, 2015

My first thought when I finished this book was “WTF did I just read?!”  I’m not saying that it was a confusing book (it definitely was but not in a bad way) but the ending felt so abrupt to me that I couldn’t process it for a while.  My main questions and concerns were “What just happened? Is this really the end? What’s going on? What happened to her?”  Unfortunately the author did not answer any of my questions and I doubt there will be a sequel to this crazy book.

Anyways, moving on to the actual review of this book.  I’m not sure why everyone else on Goodreads considered this as a thriller because I did not think of it as such.  In fact, I thought of it more of a coming of age and psychological book because this book dealt with a lot of that. This book dealt with a lot of real and deep topics that sometimes it was a little hard to swallow.  It also dealt with the characters struggled with their problems and grew from it.

The three characters were all so different yet they all faced similar problems without even realizing why or how they were so similar.  Sadie, the female character, was a little crazy in my books.  I never really understood where she was coming from and where her thoughts were at.  She came off as the cool, I don’t give a fuck kind of girl but when she was asked if she cared or worried about Miles, she admitted that she was which showed that she had a soft side to her as well.  Plus, the ending will also show the soft interior that her harden exterior will hide.  I was not a fan of her but then again I was not a fan of any of the characters.  They were all so screwed up in their own way.

Emerson, Mile’s brother, was also crazy.  Actually, I’m pretty sure everyone was crazy in this book.  I didn’t think of him as a bad person, per say but from Sadie’s point of view, he was a terrible person and it was to the point that Emerson, himself, believed it.  However, I have to say, I did not understand his fetish.  It pretty much weirded and grossed me out because I just could not relate to it whatsoever.  The one thing I could relate to was his mixed feelings towards his brother.  Because his brother was always sick and needed help, Emerson would sometimes feel resentment towards him, which I totally understand.  Having a sick or dependent person on you when you’re not able to face that kind of responsibility can be difficult and always being relied on can be a burden especially to a kid.  Despite his weird fetish, I probably liked him out of the three characters.

Miles, the sickly brother, claimed he could see the future which I thought was so weird.  I think his perspective was the one that I understood the least.  At least with Sadie, I understood the fact that when she was bored, she would act out.  With Emerson, I understood his resentment and guilt.  However, with Miles, I didn’t understand him.  And that last chapter or so was just downright crazy.  It came out of absolutely nowhere and confused the shit out of me.  I’m still confused.  This book was just so weird.

Anyways, overall, this book was a short read thanks to the short chapters.  It was actually a very easy book to read except for the deep topics.  I’m not sure if I would recommend it per say but if you like these types of deep, psychological books then go ahead and give this a try.




  1. Thanks for the review! I'd heard mixed reviews about this one! I think it's shelved as thriller because of the synopsis, which sounds like it doesn't match the actual book. (I hate that!)

    1. Not a problem! While it's not a thriller, I don't think, it's still an interesting psychological book if you're into that!