Monday, October 5, 2015

Darryl's Reunion by John B. Wren

Darryl's Reunion by John B. Wren
Published February 22, 2014

I have to say, Darry’s Reunion was a pleasantly surprisingly good book to read.  The synopsis looked interesting which is why I initially reached out to the author to grab a copy but when the book came, being a judger of book covers, I became hesitant to open it.  However, I am glad to say that this was an example of do-not-judge-a-book-by-its-cover.  The plot itself was very fascinating – I was drawn in within the first few pages or so and couldn’t put the book down.  The only downside to this book was the writing style and the character buildings.

A good mystery has always been an interest of mine and this one is a classic murder mystery.  I loved how there were so many twists in the book and I was always guessing who the mysterious patient was.  I also liked how it was a murder mystery within a murder mystery since the detective, Ian, was originally trying to close a cold case from about 20 years ago while at the same time, someone else in town was trying to bring justice to the four men who were obviously the killers but somehow got away.  The one thing different from this book is that the killers from the cold case was always very obvious throughout the book but it was the patient that really drew my attention.  I wanted to know who he/she was.  And, trust me, I totally guessed this one person the entire time to find out that I had the wrong gender but once I figured the correct gender out, guessing who the patient was wasn’t that difficult.   

Anyways, the two downside mentioned earlier somewhat bothered me but it wasn’t a huge deal breaker, obviously.  The writing style in this book is done in a very simplistic dialogue form.  In a way, I felt like I was reading a transcript rather than a book written in prose.  There weren’t that many long paragraphs – in fact, most of the paragraphs were a sentence or two in a dialogue.  I don’t think I’ve read any books like this in a while so this threw me off quite a bit in the beginning because I didn’t know if it would bother me enough to not finish the book.  Thankfully the plot was interesting enough for me to finish it. 

Also, because the book was written in a very simplistic manner, the character building was not really done properly or at all.  Most of the characters were written in one paragraph of their own near the beginning of the book and that was it as background information.  Because of this, I never really got involved with any of the characters and I didn’t have a character that I particularly liked nor disliked other than the four obvious murderers. 

Overall, I was glad I read this book.  I honestly struggled to rate this between a four and a three but I settled it as a three because there were a few aspects that were lacking and obviously, I have read better mysteries out there that did not lack the two I had mentioned.  I would recommend this book to mystery lovers.




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