Monday, September 21, 2015

Witch Eyes Series by Scott Tracey

Witch Eyes Series by Scott Tracey
Published between 2011-2013

The Witch Eye series is definitely one that is original and different from your typical story with magic, romance and violence.  It wasn’t what I had expected but that being said, it didn’t exactly disappoint either.

The one main thing that I enjoyed about this book was how the main character, Braden, is gay and is in love with Trey, the son of his father’s rival and long time enemy, Catherine.  To be perfectly honest, it threw me off guard when I first found out about his sexual orientation mainly because I just simply did not expect it.  Most LGBT books out there are set to be realistic and in the modern world and are certainly not in the fantasy genre.  So this fact alone surprised me a lot and I really liked that – I feel like there aren’t enough books like this being written out there and that needs to be changed.  Anyways this was something I highly applaud the author for thinking of and incorporating it in the series.

The storyline, otherwise, was a mix of cliché and originality.  Cliché in the sense that there are always two sides – good vs bad, light vs dark, family vs family, Capulet vs Montague, etc.  and the Witch Eye series was no exception to this.  In fact, it incorporated a lot of those I just listed.  There was a family feud between Braden’s family and Trey’s family.  There was a light side versus the dark side with humans on the light and demons on the dark.  However, it was also pretty original.  There were elements that were surprising such as the Widow and her powers, the Witch Eyes itself, the history of Belle Dam, etc.  So while I found this book to be intriguing enough to complete, it didn’t suck me in as much as I would have wanted. 

Another thing I didn’t enjoy so much was the writing style.  For some reason, it just didn’t sit right with me.  There were many times when I couldn’t completely follow with the author’s train of thought because there were simply so many variables to consider.  It was not a book where I could read it lightly – it was a book where I had to actually concentrate.  And that made things difficult for me because if I wanted to read a book that I had to focus a lot on, I would’ve picked something more in depth than a fantasy book with magic and witches.  It was not something I had signed up for so it wasn’t expected nor was it wanted, to be perfectly honestly.

Overall, it was an okay book.  I think the last book was definitely the best but overall, it was just meh to me.  I didn’t dislike it nor did I particularly enjoy it.  I think I just liked the fact that Braden was gay.




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