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Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares

Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares
Published June 14, 2011

I’ve always been a fan of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series so when I saw that there was a final book to the series, I was partly pleasantly surprised and partly hesitant to what to expect from this book.  When I realized that this book was set 10 years later, I was more hesitant to read this book because the characters would no longer be the same teenagers I had come to love.  Thankfully, I found the book to be delightful and wonderful.

My favorite character in the past few books was Bridget – there was something about her that I simply loved.  Plus, she was played by Blake Lively in the movies so it only added to her charm.  However, I was disappointed to find out how much I didn’t enjoy reading about Bridget in this book.  She was so flaky and all over the place.  Was she always like this?  I don’t remember her being this free spirited.  I knew she was always the most free spirited one but not to this degree.  I honestly felt terrible for her boyfriend, Eric, who has been with her for a very long time and clearly loves her despite her absentmindedness and somewhat craziness.  I mean, there was a scene in the book where she randomly decided to move one day, forgot to tell Eric and so when Eric came home from work, he was so confused as to why his house was completely bare.  Honestly, I don’t know how many guys can handle that kind of spur of the moment situations.

My second least favorite character was Carmen.  I was never such a huge fan of her, to be perfectly honest, but I was glad to see that she is now a somewhat successful actress.  However, other than that though, I felt like she didn’t know what she really wanted to do.  She was always looking for someone to talk to; she didn’t even know if she wanted to really marry her fiancé; she seemed to lost touch with her ethnic roots, etc.  I was also very surprised to find out that she had lost a lot of weight since that was always something that was a concern of hers so kudos for her for finally shedding those extra pounds.  For some reason, I just did not find her as memorable as I used to.

Not sure if you have noticed but I’m going backwards in rank from my least favorite to my favorite character in this book.  Tibby was probably my second favorite character in this novel.  She wasn’t really mentioned – more like she was referred to a lot since she was no longer in the US but in Australia and none of her best friends were in any real contact with her.  When the whole Greece incident happened, I was shocked that Tibby would do that to her friends and it wasn’t until I found out the real reason that I realized how much she had suffered and there were a lot of emotions evoked out of me.  I’m not sure what she did was the best route but I definitely understood her a lot more.

Lena was probably my favorite character not because of the things she did but because of her happy ending.  I was so glad that she finally got that fairytale ending that I have been rooting for her since forever.  However, it did take a very long time for it to finally happen.  Before that though, I was so frustrated with her.  She was such a downer – she seemed to hate life, hate people, hate everything basically.  I was so glad that Tibby, through her letters, basically forced/convince Lena to take hold of someone she had lost a long time ago. 

The plot was something I didn’t enjoy so much mainly because the ending was not at all what I had expected.  I wanted a happy ending for everyone but no, there was no such thing.  In fact, I’m positive that only Lena and maybe Bridget got a happy ending in this book.  Which was just so incredibly sad.  However, I have to say, the main thing that shined in this novel was definitely the writing.  I absolutely loved it.  It was eloquent, it flowed wonderfully, it elicited the right emotions from the reader (aka me), and it was just so relatable.  There was enough description to understand what going on yet had left enough for the reader’s imagination. 

Overall, spectacular book.  The characters weren’t the main gem of the book but the poignant writing style.  While the ending was not what was ideal but, in its own way, it was good.




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