Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nightshade Series (#2-3.5) by Andrea Cremer

Nightshade Series by Andrea Cremer
Published between 2011-2012

I hate reading the first book in the series and then I have to wait for the next one to come out and by that time, I already forgot about the first book and this was what happened for this series.  I got distracted during my wait with other novels and by the time I got back to the series, 3 years later, there was no way I would remember the first book.  Thank god for Goodreads cause at least it told me that I rated the first book a 5* which meant it was pretty good in my book.  Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the rest of the series.

The second book, Wolfsbane, slowly reintroduced me to the Nightshade world and I thought it was very slow.  It took me most of the book to really recapture my feelings with each character and to remember, albeit not much, aspects of the first novel.  I found this book to be a bit boring and there was the lack of action that was found in the first book.  I found no love with Calla and it became more pronounced in the third book when she had to choose between Ren and Shay.  Personally I just don’t understand what’s so difficult.  She kept going back and forth between the two of them and I find that just rude and inconsiderate to the boys as well.  They keep getting mixed signals and it confuses them to no end.  Honestly, it would’ve been hilarious if both of them washed their hands of her and called it a day.

The novella between the second and third book was mostly good for information and knowing where Ansel, Calla’s brother, came from when he made that decision that was vital in the second book.  It’s not particularly important but still, it was good to know.  The one thing I was confused was that Ren and Logan were both there when Ansel made his decision yet in the third book, when Logan came to the Searchers to seek refuge, neither of them outed him out for possibly going undercover.  So I was thinking that maybe the author wrote the novella without thinking of the third book but I’m not completely sure about this part.

The third book, Bloodrose, was much more interesting.  I found the action and the conversations to be much more engaging than in the first book.  In a way, though, I found the action to be a little too quick – like the author was trying to solve everything in the pages and time allotted to her probably because she realized how slow the second book was and had to make up for it in the third book.  Regardless, I definitely enjoyed the last book much more and after the second book, I knew for sure I wasn’t going to read the spinoff series but after this book, I’m a little torn between picking it up or leaving it to rot.  Not sure which one to pick yet.

The novella after the third book seems more of a filler between the spinoff series and the end of the original series so I was somewhat disappointed because I was expecting more of an epilogue after the third book finished but alas, it created grounds for the new book/series.

Overall, decent series but I think it would’ve been better if I had read all of the books in one go which would have been much more ideal but unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world.




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